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Film 'Breaking Point' (1961) & it's Airspeed Oxford

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    Film 'Breaking Point' (1961) & it's Airspeed Oxford

    As per title, I watched the latter-end of the 1961 film 'Breaking Point' yesterday lunchtime.

    It was screened on the (rather brilliant) "Talking Pictures TV" channel.

    Latter part of the film surprised me, as it heavily featured an Airspeed Oxford

    This dominated the last 15-17 minutes of the film & it showed Gatwick Airport.

    Stunned to see GRASS & loads of it underneath the Oxford's wheels & undercart.

    The film also showed Dakota G-AMPZ (presume later to serve with 'Air Atlantique' ?)
    I know I went up (flight) inside G-AMPO at North Weald, circa 1984-1985
    The film also showed a smart Vickers Viscount, as well as an early production Rover P.6

    Now, back to the superb Airspeed Oxford...

    Try as hard as I might, I couldn't make out it's civil-registration, so, was wondering...

    Does anyone here know what it was ??

    Also, did this actual aircraft survive to this modern-day ?

    Could it even be, perchance, the actual Oxford that I've seen in the RAF museum at Hendon ??

    Grateful to any (sensible), answers to the questions, above.

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    The Oxford was far from extinct in 1961 though I suspect only a very few flew any later than that.

    G-AHGU (V3815) was with Film Aviation Services, Gatwick from 1958, used in films "Operation Bullshine" and "Babette goes to War" 58/59. Undercarriage collapsed in a heavy landing at Fairoaks in October 1960 and canx. Destroyed when acting as stand-in for G-AJLR in film.
    G-AHTW (V3388) was based at Wolverhampton, circa 1960; to Skyfame, Staverton in 1964. Skyfame flew this last airworthy example for several years. Now a static exhibit at Duxford.
    G-AITB (MP425 Airwork Services, Perth, wfu May 61, to RAF Museum 1969.
    G-AITF (ED920) painted in Japanese markings for film. Airwork Services, Hamble and Perth. canx 10.61, to RAF Museum 1971, to SAAF Museum 1984.
    G-AIKR (PK286) convtd. to Consul. Coll. of Air Training, Perth 1960; T.H. Marshall 2.62, Rapid Flying Club, Baginton, 9.62, wfu when CoA lapsed 5.65, > Woburn as side show > Airwork, Gatwick > Skyfame on behalf of National Aviation Museum Rockcliffe, Canada for restoration to Oxford standard. To Canada 10.65 - extant.
    G-AJLR, (R6029) convtd. to Consul. Appears to have been active in 1960/61. Wfu from use at Fairoaks April 1964. Stored Cardington. Extant, but static, with Singapore Airlines, representing VR-SCD of Malayan Airlines.
    G-ALTP (PH321) Coll. of Air Training, Hamble 1960; T.H. Marshall 4.61, w/o at Christchurch Jan 62 when engine caught fire.
    G-ALTR (PH368) Coll. of Air Training, Hamble 1960; T.H. Marshall 4.61, w/o in t/o. accident in France, 8.61., canx 2.62.
    G-AOUT (MP301) Eagle Aircraft Services, Ringway 1956; used for filming, still at Ringway 7.59; used as spares for G-AJLR and G-AJXH.

    My brief extracts from "The Oxford, Consul and Envoy File", John F. Hamlin, Air-Britain.

    There may be more than these I found in a quick search.

    Tony Broadhurst


      Unfortunately the film isn't scheduled for re-showing on Talking Pictures TV during the next five weeks but it's been on before and it's bound to come round again and then if someone records it and plays back with 'freeze frame', the registration mark on the fin may be identifiable. In the meantime, the channel has a number of forthcoming showings of films with a good aviation content. But I'm afaid most of you probably missed a classic there this morning - a short from the forties featuring Charles Hawtrey entitled 'How to refuel your two stroke motorcycle engine'. How that missed the Oscar nominations is beyond me! Fortunately for those contemplating jumping off a cliff at having missed it, it's available on youtube.


        I know it's not re the Oxford but I think the Rover P6 came out in 1963 not 1961.


          It's Airspeed Consul G-AJNE in 'Breaking Point'.



            Further to your extract from the A-B book, the status of G-AJLR has changed since it was displayed by Singapore Airlines. The airframe had once been held by the RAF Museum as a source of parts for their Oxford. It was disposed of by the RAFM - they referred to it back then as just vestigial remains - but that really didn’t do it justice!

            Singapore Airlines obtained it to display for a while during a significant anniversary of the airline. They did an amazing restoration to static display condition, painted as VR-SDC to represent their first aircaft which was a Consul. Sadly after their celebrations it was moved to a local heritage centre but unbelievably (for a wooden airframe) was put on display outdoors! The inevitable happened and it rapidly deteriorated and was seriously damaged by the weather.

            Many years later the airline (I think) decided to have it restored again. Reportedly the remains were sent to New Zealand for attention. The location and status of G-AJLR are now uncertain. I tried to track it down during a visit to NZ but to no avail. It would be interesting to know if it does survive, where it really is and whether it might surface again one day.

            Since Consul G-AIKR has now been restored to Oxford configuration in NZ, G-AJLR would be the World’s sole surviving Consul.
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              I've recently discovered Talking Pictures too and there is some great stuff in it -

              I watched The Man in the Sky for the first time the other week - look out for it if you havent caught it - Jack Hawkins and lots of Bristol Freighter action!


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                Can anyone identify the film which featured G-AJLR and in which the crash damaged G-AHGU acted as the 'stand in' for the former when the plot required the destruction of the featured aircraft? So far I've failed to do so and thus to be able to determine how terminal was the screen destruction of the latter.


                  The mighty intellect of the forum has failed me? Surely not. Perhaps just a delayed reaction!


                    Well the only films that 'Film Aviation Services' were working on at that time according to the BFI were: 'I Was Monty's Double' (1959), and 'Follow That Horse!' (1960).

                    75-Stay alive, 76-Radio tricks, 77-Going to Heaven.


                      Thank you, Steve. The making of the film - whatever that film may have been - would have had to be subsequent to 11 October 1960, which is when G-AHGU suffered a collapsed starboard undercarriage, as a result of landing on waterlogged grass at Fairoaks, resulting in a dbr write off. So if, Steve, the dates you give, for those two films, are release dates, then both would appear to be too early to be candidates - which, at least, saves me having to watch films that appear to have little artistic merit!
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                        Well, Avion here is the list of films associated with John Crewdson (Film Aviation Services) and their release dates according to the BFI:

                        1964 Goldfinger Aviation Services (uncredited)

                        1964 633 Squadron [Aviation Services]

                        1964 Saturday Night Out [Aviation Services]

                        1963 The War Lover Aerial Sequences Arranged by

                        1963 The V.I.P.S [Aviation Services]

                        1963 Tom Jones [Aviation Services]

                        1963 From Russia with Love Aviation Services (uncredited)

                        1962 Stoneface Technical Adviser

                        1962 The Longest Day [Technical Adviser]

                        1962 Lawrence of Arabia [Aviation Stunts]

                        1960 Follow That Horse! pilot

                        1959 I Was Monty's Double Aircraft Film Services

                        I have only listed as far as 1964, there may well be others that are not listed I suppose.

                        Happy viewing.

                        75-Stay alive, 76-Radio tricks, 77-Going to Heaven.


                          Oo heck. That's a lot of viewing. However I think that I can safely exclude 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Tom Jones' - unless their producers allowed reality to fly out the window by including a distinctly out of period Airspeed Oxford being destroyed in those films!


                            Okay, got a bit more to add this morning. They also worked on two major TV series at this time. 'Zero One' about a security unit based out of Heathrow. It's all about aviation and ran for three seasons. Three specific episodes are listed by IMDB, Million Dollar Lift, The Bovard Affair, and Stoneface, but I am sure there were many others.

                            The other is 'Danger Man' which I presume we all know about. One episode is mentioned 'The Conspirators', again though there were probably others as well.

                            75-Stay alive, 76-Radio tricks, 77-Going to Heaven.


                              Thank you, Steve. Goodness knows how I'm going to find a way of viewing those sixties' television programmes. Maybe wait for the Talking Pictures television channel to show them now that it's exhausted the 'Gideon of the Yard' series?