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FAA Aircraft production

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  • fana
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    FAA Aircraft production

    Hello, Forumites
    Back in 2012, "GSinclair" posted a thread on the anomalies found from various sources regarding the actual figures of Fleet Air Arm aircraft production
    figures against details in published works, in that there was a discrepancy (including those of other aircraft types) on the official number against actual number of Walrus
    aircraft produced.
    I am interested in determining the identity of a Walrus aircraft produced at Addlestone, Surrey and which crashed at the nearby Chertsey Meads flying field
    on the 1st July 1942. The pilot, Geoffrey Silverwood LAMB and his passenger, Ron Conway, both perished in the crash.
    No details of this accident are mentioned in the Sturtivant and Burrows book on FAA aircraft.
    There are, by elimination, several candidates which possibly fit the bill. The S & B book uses data from, I presume, official Records; where information is unclear, any losses
    are put down to "possibly" destroyed during the air raid on the Cowes factory in May 1942.
    Does anybody on the Board have ideas as to the identity of the aircraft which crashed at Chertsey Meads??
  • dp_burke
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    Same subject being discussed on TOCH forum


    • Lee Howard
      Roundel checker

      The current master version of the FAA aircraft serials files (which, together with Mick Burrow - not Burrows! - I keep updated) gives the following. We are both working through the types, adding to and amending them with the plan to produce a second edition before too long:

      X9560 Not delivered, possibly destroyed in bombing, Cowes 4/5.5.42 [More likely the a/c which crashed on TO Brooklands 1.7.42 after being built at Weybridge (L/C GS Lamb killed)

      Mick may have more, but I haven't got the amends for Walrus from him yet.

      The views I express are PURELY my own. Please respect that.


      • fana
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        Identity of aircraft was X9558. Have sent a PM...


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