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    Dear All,

    I am having an enforced (by the one who must be obeyed) clear out of the book cupboard. I have quite a large amount of books magazines etc dating from about 1930 to about 1970 that I have not looked at in years and really needs to go to a good home. I am not trying to sell them I just want them to be treasured as much as I have over the years.

    In this post I will list a few of the official documents to see what sort of a response I get. If favourable then I will list all the other stuff in a later post.

    So here goes, (in no particular order),

    1. Aero Engineering, this looks to be a late 1930s publication of about 840 pages. Some damage to binding and spine.
    2. Air Publication 1480A Part 1 Section A to D Recognition Handbook of British Aircraft dated 1941. In good condition.
    3. Air Publication 1525P & Q. Anson T Mk 2, 21 and C Mk 21, Last amendment dated 1963 Original publication date 1954. Spine poor otherwise OK
    4. Standard Technical Training Notes for the Electrical (Air) Trade AP 3275A, dated 1967. Good condition
    5. Air Publication 4512A Volume 1 Book 1 Sect 1 to 4. Beverley CMk 1 General and Technical Information. Dated 1956 Good condition.
    6. Air Publication 4512A Volume 6 Beverley CMk 1. Repair and reconditioning Instructions. Good condition.
    7. Air Publication AP 101B-1301-1 formerly AP4347F Vol 1. Hunter FMk 6 Aircraft Servicing Manual. Dated Oct 1967.

    There are lots more to come but that will do for starters.

    I am happy (ish) to part with these, all I ask is for postage and packing to be paid for. Please bear in mind that some of these tomes are quite large and heavy so postage from NL to UK will probably quite expensive.

    If anyone is interested in any of the above please let me know via PM or on the open forum and I will make the necessary arrangements.

    Also Mods, please delete if this breaks any forum rules.


    I like AP's, but am loath to buy them, especially at the inflated prices some on the airshow circuit charge. To be honest, what I'd like is access to an AP and some scanner time. Even Pilots Notes can have pages of boring graphs: optimum cruising speeds and fuel system layouts etc., when all I really want are the cockpit photos at the back.
    I'm surprised that no one offers more "under the skin" books to the public that fillet out the good stuff. SAM Publications excellent Modellers Datafiles are a case in point, using AP images to flesh out what are model reviews. Always thought that the RAFM was missing out an income stream here.


      You can buy lots of ap's that have been scanned on to disc
      Officially now a pensioner


        Sorry absolutely no Javelin stuff.


          Sadly not a very positive response to the first list. So thats one lot of books off to the recycle bin unfortunately.

          Lets have one more try.

          Bound copies of Aircraft Illustrated from 1969, 1974 and 1975 plus one of assorted dates from 1968 to 1972

          Bound copies of Air Pictorial 1968 plus loose various copies from 1963.

          Handley Page Servicing Notes for RAF Technicians for the Victor BMk 2, dated 1963 Massive foolscap volume approx 5 inches thick.

          If no one expresses an interest in any of these then they will be following the AP into the recycle bin unless I can find a museum over here willing to take them off my hands.



            Please never, ever, EVER the recycling bin. There are always charities willing to take books of all sorts, several of the larger ones have links to specialised book sales people to get the most from donated material. Many aviation museums run secondhand book shops and will accept anything related. At least that is the case in the UK, maybe not where you are.



              I'd like to send you a private message on this, but when I try I get this message:

              "You have turned off private messages. You may not send private messages until you turn them on by editing your options."

              I'd appreciate it if somebody could point me how to "edit options", then i'll be in touch!



                1/. Go to top right corner off page and select ‘settings’.
                2/. Scroll down on left to ‘my settings’
                3/. Under ‘my account’ select ‘general settings’
                4/. On page look for ‘messaging and notification’ then ‘private messaging’
                5/. Select private messaging ‘on’, select receive ‘from all members’, select to ‘receive an email notification of new private messages’ and whatever else you chose.

                Hope this helps/works?



                  Is the 840-page 'Aero Engineering' a collection of the 1930's weekly publication? If so, I would be very interested, and I will happily pay the postage. I sincerely hope you have not recycled it yet!

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                  It's all good. Probably.



                    PM sent



                      Before you chuck stuff in the recycle bin, have you considered giving Coen at the Flash Aviation shop in Eindhoven a call? Alternatively, the Aviation Megastore at Aalsmeerderbrug might also consider taking some stuff off your hands.
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                        Hi Steve

                        That sorted it, thanks very much!

                        Best Regards


                          Hi QP

                          I've sent you a PM, thanks to Steve unlocking the system with his advice!




                            I'll take anything interesting, if you can just flag up the cost of postage across the pond. I don't mind paying if it's not extortionate.




                              No the Aero Engineering is just that. Its a single volume book. Has many fascinating photos of 1930s instruments, photos of radio installations etc in as well as lots of electrical theory.



                                For those of you who got rather upset when I mentioned the words RECYCLE BIN. Dont worry, I will never actually consign aviation related items there.

                                Later on today I will be meeting a lady whose husband was an official RAF photographer at RAF Akrotiri amongst other places and she has a few of his photos left for me to examine and scan. Sadly she informed me a few weeks back that she sent boxes of his photos to the waste paper merchants because she could not imagine anyone else being interested in old aeroplane pictures. I clearly remember how bad I felt on hearing that so I share your sentiments.