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Duxford Diary 2018

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    quick heads up: Red Bull's P-38 and Corsair currently over Sussex, I guess heading for Dx. Looks as if they are holding west of Eastbourne for the Red Bull AlphaJets which, I see on FR24, are just SE of Le Touquet
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      The P-38 is orbiting West of Eastbourne. It may be waiting for the DC-6b which is over the Channel heading for the same location (OE-LDM).
      A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


        Did not see or hear anything in the Fairsted area of Essex
        TA out


          I think the DC-6 is currently still over the Hampshire/Sussex borders?


            Flying Legends are running a generous photo competition this year - more info here:

            Flying Legends Airshow 14-15 July 2018 - Commemorating the 100 years of the RAF

            Photography Competition Announcement Win up to 1000 of photographic equipment*

            The aim of the competition is to capture the essence and spirit of Flying Legends. Images from cameras and smart phones are accepted. The subjects can be anything in the air and on the ground. Warbirds, re-enactors, period vehicles or visitors - everything and anything that represents this unique and exceptional event is welcome.

            1st place will receive a voucher for photographic equipment to the value of 1000
            2nd place will receive a voucher for photographic equipment to the value of 500
            3rd place will receive a voucher for photographic equipment to the value of 250
            The runner up will receive 2 Gold Pass tickets to Flying Legends 2019 (one day only, at Flying Legends discretion).
            All 10 shortlisted images will receive a years subscription to Warbird Digest, kindly provided by Warbird Digest.

            A 10 image shortlist will be selected from the submissions by a panel of professional photographers, including famed aviation photographer John Dibbs. Images will be judged on technical aspects such as composition, sharpness & exposure alongside artistic vision and subject matter.

            Following this, Stephen and Nick Grey will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place images, as well as the runner up.


              Two fab little Dh Vampires circling around Dx a little earlier. They even had the decency to come right over my house cheers guys.

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                Duxford Thursday 12th July:

                The TFC Fiat CR.42 is now on show in Hangar 2 for the weekend:



                  Stunning - looking forward to seeing this aircraft in the next few days.
                  ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD


                    Time for a quick selection of todays flying action including TF.51 Contrary Mary

                    G-TFSI Contrary Mary at DX by AJCDuxman, on Flickr

                    G-LFVC by AJCDuxman, on Flickr

                    G-TFSI Contrary Mary at DX by AJCDuxman, on Flickr

                    P40C/P40F by AJCDuxman, on Flickr

                    TD248/SM845 by AJCDuxman, on Flickr


                    Flikr --


                      WOW! The CR42 looks fantastic! It makes me wish I was back worked at TFC. Well done guys!


                        Brown seems popular at the moment...

                        Under my gruff exterior lies an even gruffer interior...


                        Warbirdskies Blog


                          Matches the grass!

                          "Snow clearing equipment has been found under snowdrift" - message sent from RNAS Hatston, Orkney, 1944.


                            More Images from Duxford on Thursday 12 July 2018:

                            TF-51 '414251'/G-TFSI 'Contrary Mary'
                            IMG_1732 by Fred Taylor, on Flickr

                            IMG_3014 by Fred Taylor, on Flickr

                            IMG_1743 by Fred Taylor, on Flickr

                            IMG_1745 by Fred Taylor, on Flickr

                            Hawker Fury I K5674/G-CBZP
                            IMG_3050 by Fred Taylor, on Flickr

                            IMG_3049 by Fred Taylor, on Flickr

                            Flickr --
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                              Lovely photos all, thank you!

                              I quite like the yellow on Contrary Mary.
                              "those who know keep quiet, and those who don't are frowned upon for asking." - snafu


                                The Fiat looks gorgeous!
                                Daren Cogdon

                                Spitfire fanatic


                                  It most certainly does....


                                    That yellow band on CM canopy really helps reduce the size of the TF-51 bulbous hood. Looks good, better than its previous incarnation as Miss Velma.


                                      Heads up: Red Bull aircraft should be at Dx in 15-20 mins. They left Farnborough just after lunch and were holding to the SE of the airport, whilst there was a thunderstorm, before I believe they had to put back down. They may have been held there while Donald Trump was at Sandhurst? not sure if there were flight restrictions?


                                        Duxford Friday 13th July:

                                        By 1800, all 49 scheduled Legends participants were at Duxford (only the Lancaster and F-35 to appear !)
                                        Too many highlights today, but special mention for the Air Leasing team who put in a very long day indeed.
                                        Maybe someday I'll sort out a few photos.


                                          Anyone know what the 'secret' P51 is meant to be with the F35? Or has it already been confirmed? Hun Hunter arrived in massive secrecy, was it that? Would have thought G-BIXL is the surprise one...