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Derwent parts in Star Wars

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  • Zidante
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    I firmly believe that if someone can find some interest in a subject then it has demonstrable value, no matter how bizarre, off beat or baffling I may find that interest.


    • QldSpitty
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      Christ, virgins of the world unite. You lot need to get out more.
      LOL married with 3 girls..The term you looking for is Supernerds
      "If the C.O. ask's you to be Tail End Charlie...just shoot him!!!....A Piece of Cake.


      • jeep1943
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        Most scifi film/ TV series has a sonobuoy container or two in it.

        SA Aviation Museum


        • Sabrejet
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          Some of the people i know in that hobby are far from geeks. A few i know are soldiers and police officers infact. Oh and i have three Sons myself, the first one was born when i was 19 years old.
          I know/knew plenty of people in the armed forces who are/were mega-nerds/geeks and had children too. The point is to not take it as a negative term, or pigeon hole people who might fit into the category.

          And maintain a good sense of not taking things too seriously. Apart from good grammar. Or at least thats what i should of said (the last bit was irony by the way - no prizes for anyone who spots at least three grammatical errors).


          • Old Fokker
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            Princess Leia's blaster is not a Luger. It is a Russian Margolin MTS .22 calibre target pistol.
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            • Junk Collector
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              Earlier mention of Hanningfields, they cleared a lot of the set from the Phantom Menace, I saw the seats there in the opening sequence on the flight deck of the space ship (Radiant 7) I think, those were B52 sets, the top part cut off and lots of random stuff on the back, in the film they look good, in the flesh they looked crappy, I did buy one of the unused seats, I think they were the downwards firing ones, don't have it any more, they were rough. I still have some stuff that I retrieved, Battle Droid bits, piece of set, which have been covetously fondled by the odd Star Wars nerd over the years

              I retrieved two Tornado control columns from a heavy crudely made seat, one each side, the label said Troy Campers seat, no idea if it was used, I couldn't be bothered to watch the film again as I found it like the new ones just boring, will try and remember what else I saw, there was more but my memory can be a bit random unsurprisingly. I remember a big skip of unused materials which just looked like garbage, lawn mower casings, all sorts but it's clever what they do with it
              Officially now a pensioner


              • smirky
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                Also these
                This one looks a bit crappy, I have a couple of better ones. It is a nukes controller from the Tornado GR1(not Buccaneer) with the front panel put on backwards and painted silver. You can see the two terminals for the panel light.

                An expert will be along in a minute with the exact film reference.


                • Flying_Pencil
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                  Yes, I have seen a LOT of aircraft parts in Sci-fi movies.

                  And even a few non-sci-fi

                  (and yes, I know about the MG-15 in SW #4)
                  Do17 recovery fund
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                  • Beermat
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                    I don't - where is it?

                    Edit - that was a mis-read. I read 'MiG-15'..
                    Last edited by Beermat; 14th December 2017, 15:14.
                    It's all good. Probably.


                    • Fouga23
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                      Never new that about the Margolin. I had one. It's called a Vostok over here
                      Magister Aviation
                      It's all in my book


                      • Bruce
                        Independent analyst

                        Off to see the new film tonight, but already spotted some more Aircraft parts in the trailer. Kylo Ren has an orange push button in one shot that looks very familiar!


                        • Meddle
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                          Originally posted by flyingfigtree
                          Christ, virgins of the world unite. You lot need to get out more.
                          This is the thread on Key that makes you question your fellow forumites?


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