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RAF WWII Abbreviations question

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    RAF WWII Abbreviations question

    My Father-in-law passed away earlier this year and we have been going through some of his documents. He had at some point obtained a summary of his RAF service and while I understand most of it there are a couple of abbreviations the meaning of which evades me at present. Any help with the following would be much appreciated.

    SPDC Reason 93 5/8/43 - Possibly Service Personnel Dispatch Centre?

    IBPD (Possibly in conjunction with HQ 328 Wing 15/11/43) - I have no idea.

    Many thanks for any help


    SPDC could be 5PDC which would be No.5 Personnel Despatch Centre (Padgate). If IBPD is 1BPD, then this could be No.1 Base Personnel Depot, but this was in Algeria. Would this make sense?

    I see 328 Wing were at Blida, Algeria in 1943, so this would appear to be right!
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      Aha! That makes a lot more sense. Once I think of them as numerics, they are obviously 5 SPC and 1 BPD. Many thanks. His general area of assignment was NWAAF or North West African Air Forces.

      He spent less than a year in North Africa/Sicily and then spent about three years back in the home counties at a variety of locations centred on Biggin Hill before eventually returning to civilian life in 1947.