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Britain at War - November issue - OUT NOW!

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    Britain at War - November issue - OUT NOW!


    Aden: End Of Empire

    Marking the 50th anniversary of Britains withdrawal from Aden, John Ash takes a retrospective look at the history of this bloody conflict in a special-length feature article. Today, the territory abandoned by Britain half a century ago is still riven with war.

    Setting Europe Ablaze
    Ben Bryant tells the story of some of the pilots and aircrew from the RAFs clandestine Special Duties squadrons who dropped agents and weapons over Occupied Europe for the Special Operations Executive.

    Fearless Jack
    Jack Sherwood-Kelly had distinguished himself in combat during the First World War, but he later came into conflict with none other than Winston Churchill during Britains secret war fought against Lenin after the Armistice of 1918. Steve Snelling charts Jacks remarkable story.

    The Ultimate Pinch
    Captain Peter Hore relates the truly remarkable story of HMS Bulldog and her capture of U-110 in May 1941 a coup which yielded an intelligence treasure trove in the form of an invaluable Enigma coding machine together with Kriegsmarine cipher books.

    Flak Bait
    During the Suez crisis of 1956, Seahawk pilots of the Fleet Air Arm braved intense Egyptian groundfire. Andy Thomas tells their all-but-forgotten story of courage in the air.

    Deadly Combat
    During October 1940 a single Dornier 17 battled with Spitfires over the South Coast, resulting in the downing of three Spitfires, the death of two RAF pilots and, additionally, the death of the German pilot. Andy Saunders recounts the dramatic tale.


    Britain at War November issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just 4.70 from The Key Shop. Alternatively, you can purchase your copy from WHSmith, any other leading newsagent or download your digital copy here.