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Battle of Britain's a crazy world

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    That depends... is the interior made from solid gold?
    A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


      Nice doorbell Air Ministry! I'm jealous. I think you outbid me at the last minute. However, I did buy this from the same seller....

      broken-up-and-over by Steven Steven, on Flickr

      ...think his eBAy handle was TakaTakaTakaDeadDuck1940
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        Please send me a signed copy of that garage door, so I can sell it on eBay (though I'm disappointed there's no Spitfire in that garage...yet).

        Translations of some of my references, for Stuart in post #14:

        "My signed Peter Arnold photo must be worth thousands by now!"
        TRANSLATION: My signed Peter Arnold photo must be worth thousands by now!

        "I did see a First Day of Issue BoB Anniversary (I think) envelope signed by the master up for auction on ebay recently. Cha-CHING!! Glad I didn't throw out my Barbie dolls...especially my limited edition 'Spitfire Barbie'."
        TRANSLATION: I need help.
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        RAF LIBERATORS OVER BURMA (subtitled FLYING WITH 159 SQUADRON) by Bill Kirkness DFM and Matt Poole, published by Fonthill Media


          Steady now, far too much morale flying around in this thread...
          Restoring Meteor NF.14 WS788, one rusty nail at a time...


            For the education of some, I am assuming the 'door bell' and the 'up and over door ' are references to the bloopers in the BoB film...Skipper's house etc.

            "...the story had been forensically examined and was deeply impressive. I knew that the whole story was a load of myth and baloney"


              ....which is what happens if we get too many Battle of Britain film anoraks crammed into one thread!

              It's all getting a bit silly now, so I'm off to explore those mountain ranges in northern France...


                What you should be buying on ebay is these, you never know what's in them



                  Click image for larger version

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                  any ideas?
                  SMOKE SMOKE GO!
                  TA out