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    Have a successful day, I hope it's an addition to the jumble calendar. Tacking it on to an existing auto jumble seems a very good idea.


      I'm surprised there's been no feedback on this event?

      I wasn't going to post as, technically, I wasn't there. I was, however, about twenty feet away, in the autojumble.

      I didn't count the stalls but someone mentioned 14. Books, models and a fair amount of aircraft parts/instruments etc.

      The weather was fine, which was just as well as I don't think any of the stalls had cover which suggests that perhaps most were locally based and had made a final decision based on the forecast?

      I recognised about five aerojumble regulars, apart from those on the stalls but there may have been more that I do not know, of course.

      I can't vouch for sales on that side of the field but I estimate that 90% of my takings were from the autojumble crowd.

      The venue is an excellent choice. I'd never visited Kenley before and was pleasantly surprised by its state of preservation. The Portcullis club is an obvious attraction too, and the decision to combine with the autojumble is a sensible idea as it helps spread the cost of portaloos and other infrastructure, etc.

      (My thanks are due to the autojumble organisers for making me feel very welcome and the evening's fish and chip run was most definitely appreciated after a hard few days "under canvas".)

      Will it happen again? Not for me to comment on really but I can see it being run as a local jumble for the locals. To grow any bigger will require an awful lot more effort though, partcularly in terms of advertising and promotion.
      The garage that keeps on giving.


        I was going to post a review on this but got a little fed up with my photos being rejected for the thread. Personally I really enjoyed the day, great for a first aerojumble at this ideal location and something to build upon in the future. As Alan stated there were about 14 stalls selling aviation related items and probably double to treble this number of autojumble stalls. Pity I can't post the photos but there was a good mix of instruments and aircraft parts for sale, the Gatwick aviation museum had a really good mix of items for sale from their stores. Collectively all stalls considered I remember for sale a HP Herald instrument panel, Whirlwind helicopter and Wessex helicopter instrument panels for sale, Avro Shackleton windows, ME109 wheel, Tempest wheel, Canberra nose wheel, Tiger moth control column, Shackleton seat pans (a few of them), Harvard prop, Dornier 217 seat back, ME262 wing tip (salvaged condition), gypsy wooden prop, EE Lightning spine as well as various instrumentation from different eras. Historic Tours around the airfield were available, there was also a burger van, club house and bar, portaloos and some sunshine thrown into the mix. All in all a good day out for me, I believe the next proposed date is Sunday 10th June subject to confirmation. Thanks to all those who organised this event.


          Thanks for the updates, AM and FLY.BUY. Sounds a useful trip. I've also had trouble uploading photos, the size limit seems to have gone down. It does put one off posting after the umpteenth failure. Looking forward to more jumbling next weekend oop north.


            Two of us from Oxford attended and I throughly enjoyed it, picked up a nice section of Wellington but above all it was nice to catch up with fellow aerojumblers .

            I hope it continues



              I'm glad it wasnt just me having issues uploading pictures. The two of us from Gatwick Aviation Museum had a good day, we brought a selection of parts, panels and instruments to sell and after a slow start did rather well. We even managed to pick a few bits ourselves including a section of Firestreak missile which will go with our Lightning display.
              It was nice to chat to everyone and there were a number of people who were unaware of us or that the museum still continued after Peter Vallances passing.
              Thank you very much to all the organisers and we hope to see you again next time.


                That date is a bit of a worry.

                I heard that the date of Cockpitfest might be changed to avoid a clash with a festival, it could now clash with Kenley.


                  Stand easy, Cockpit-Fest & Aeroboot 2018 is on 23 & 24 June 2018 (week later than normal) - details in here

                  More pressing is the Indoor Aeroboot / Aerojumble this Saturday, 14 October - details in here
                  Find out what's happening at
                  Please help move Chinook ZA717 to Newark Air Museum


                    The date ties in with the pre organised auto jumble as both appear to compliment each other.