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Friends of Duxford. The end is nigh.

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    Friends of Duxford. The end is nigh.

    Looks like those of us who belong to the Friends of the IWM will after 2018 have no access to Duxford or any of the other parts of the IWM as part of the membership.Although their own website at the moment doesn't mention any of the information in the letter i guess there may still be negotiations ongoing for a while but a sad day all round.

    Nice way to treat one's "friends"!!

    Someone's bright idea I suppose. Will be interested to hear the outcome.

    Best regards;


      So what will members have access to ?
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        I predict a rapid decline of the number of friends.


          ^^^^^ It does say that they are undergoing negotiations but it doesn't sound good.I wonder if Friends of Duxford or Sally B will either benefit or whether they may have restrictions placed on them.
          It is a shame because in the winter when i have wandered around and you can see the tumbleweed blowing about and more members of staff than visitors they know that money is still getting to them 12 months of the year.



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              We shall stick with our yearly pass.
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                So, if you don't get free or reduced admission what other benefits would you get as a friend?
                I though free admission was the point?


                  This from the IWM web site -

                  Friends EGM

                  Thank you to everyone who attended the Friends of IWM EGM on Thursday 30 March.

                  The result of the Friends of IWM vote was 64 in favour of merging with IWM, 54 against and 2 abstentions. As the constitution requires a two thirds majority, the motion supported by the Friends Council was not carried forward.
                  Friends of Duxford have already merged with IWM.

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                    Re Friends of Duxford they really don't make membership renewal easy. When B17 Preservation (where every penny counts) can have an online renewal facility I fail to see why the FoD can't.
                    I simply got fed up listening to the 'I am away from my desk' message.
                    The upshot is I haven't bothered renewing, added to the fact that it doesn't provide good value for money anyway.
                    From next year I am considering dropping out the two IWM airshows from my personal calendar anyway as they aren't really a spectacle anymore.
                    Flying Legends is still a fantastic event managing to stage a great show even when they are hit with withdrawals/unserviceability and I hope to still go as long as they stage it.


                      As a Friend of Duxford I was very recently asked to complete a survey for a marketing company who have been tasked by IWM to explore what people want from a membership scheme. The general intention of this appeared to be with a new scheme covering all IWM sites and the questionnaire was geared around what price I would be willing to pay annually for membership and what benefits I would expect for that price. I won't go into full details but there is clearly an intention to try and rationalise the membership schemes that exist and the overall intention appeared to be to create a new IWM membership scheme rather than a lone scheme just for Duxford. I expect most of this years membership subscriptions from both schemes are effectively being passed to the 'survey company' who are doing the work and no doubt compiling a very long winded and expensive report? Part of the survey covered what wider interests I had other than the obvious ones connected to Duxford, so no doubt we will see more departure from events and exhibitions that might traditionally have been associated with IWM.

                      Oops - just noticed post 6 above - that would be the survey - A musing!
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                        This has echoes of us wanting to visit Chatham Naval Dockyard.
                        Due to an arrangement with gift aid, an adult ticket is now 22. A bargain they say, as you can go as many times as you like in 12 months.
                        This only benefits those who are local to Chatham. No good for those on holiday, or who live some distance away.

                        We decided not to go.
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                          Hi All,
                          I have never been a member so I don't really know if I have a right to chip in but I will offer my opinion on the matter anyway. I thought that all IWM
                          venues where now free entry except display day at 'Dux' ? Going on the Facebook link provided by Pen Pusher I clicked on the link on
                          that page to another here :-

                          To me although they are suggesting various options for various venues it does feel also like they are trying to suss out whether or not to start charging
                          again ? The survey gives you various options on what you are willing to pay for the venues and I am convinced depending on how many filled surveys
                          they have returned will more than likely influence what they will charge.

                          I have suggested before on a different thread that if the government really wanted more UK higher tax payers to cough up instead of opting for tax
                          avoidance schemes then give those who pay the highest tax the chance to off set that. Whether personal/business with tax break donations to
                          museums and restoration projects etc.etc.etc. Not just from aviation but across the board everybody a winner all those museums who are finding it
                          harder and harder to stay solvent would with whatever donations as tax deductible savings.

                          The government wins,the museums,restoration projects etc.etc.etc. all win and possibly employ more people increasing more tax payments ? instead
                          of charging entry for whatever venues as a money making scheme...



                            As my membership is due next month i e mailed the friends of the IWM and have just recieved this reply

                            Thank you for your email regarding your IWM Friends membership.

                            You should have received the attached letter from us last month. I am afraid that at the present, we have no further information to add to this. I can confirm that free admission to IWM Duxford, HMS Belfast and Churchill War Rooms is guaranteed for IWM Friends until the end of August 2018 (with, as usual, the exceptions of Air Shows and special events days at Duxford).

                            However, as it currently stands we are not accepting renewals of membership from 1st September this year. This may change in a few months or so as we are still in ongoing talks with IWM but at the present, we have decided not to accept membership renewals from this date onwards until we have a clearer idea of the future of the charity.

                            As your membership is due to expire after 31 August this year, you have two options:

                            1. Renew with us this month to guarantee another full year of membership through IWM Friends;

                            2. Join IWM’s membership scheme once it is in place, which is due to launch in late 2017.

                            You are of course welcome to renew with us by 31 August this year but I do appreciate that this means losing some time on your membership. I am very sorry about this. However, as the benefits of free entry to charging branches and exhibitions and 10% discount in IWM’s shops and cafes are being withdrawn by IWM by the end of August 2018, we are simply unable to offer you a membership expiry date past 31/08/18.

                            I hope that this information is helpful. However, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

                            With many thanks for your continued support of IWM Friends.


                              A bit of a self licking lollypop syndrome, it is by its nature there to support the IWM by donations of about 55K a year,

                              The Society of Friends of Imperial War Museums (Friends of IWM) is a charity that aims to advance the education of the public by providing support to the IWM. Founded in 1986, we are currently governed by a separate Council of Management and funded by sales of annual membership fees. Traditionally IWM has supported the Friends in their charitable aims by providing facilities, expertise, membership benefits, and by facilitating sales of membership.
                              However the IWM by cutting off the main reason to be associated with the friends, is thus cutting the donation amount they will be able to donate...

                              Only reason I can see for going down that route is if footfall revenue would be greater than the donation recieved. One hopes it just gets resolved for all of those concerned.

                              As for the comments about the Dockyards charges, I agree about the yearly scheme, it only is a win win for those locals, but then a lot of annual memberships are, and it in away offsets the concerns over the higher ticket price, and it does get you into several locations in the near area.
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                                Without know the full history and accounts .The footfall stuff is not guaranteed BUT when you pay a yearly subscription they know what they could be getting even if the member only goes in once or twice.In the winter i have been around Duxford and there have been almost as many staff as visitors BUT the money has still been paid for the year whether we go in or not.
                                I hope something can be worked out as i really can't see this being a win /win situation.


                                  As regards the issue with chatham Dockyard, and it may have a bearing on the IWM and other sites (?). I think it's tied in with
                                  Gift Aid payments. If you have a gift aid option on entrance fees, you have to offer the public something in return.
                                  Free entrance for a year etc . I'm sure that's how it works ?
                                  Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                                    This is all about how much money the IWM needs to survive. Friends of Duxford was started as a separate group to help fund the IWM but was taken "in house" whilst the previous director was there. IWM now gets all FOD's money. The Friends are going the same way if IWM has it's way. Though FODs still get some benefits, they are slowly being eroded. That only leaves Duxford Aviation Society, again and independent group that gives some of it's money to IWM.
                                    Government funding to the IWM will cease very soon and the the museum has to make ends meet somehow. There is talk of charging Friends admission under the IWM's proposed new membership scheme. Maybe FODs will go the same way. Perhaps they'll charge volunteers for volunteering!


                                      Surely IWM get a good amount of revenue for ARCO,TFC, Classic Wings etc? Having a 'season ticket ' will generate more cash in the long term through the cafe and shop but I am not a fan of having that as a standard ticket. The Portsmouth dockyard is the same as Chatham, fine if you are local but the price is expensive for a single visit. I probably visited Duxford about once a year in the 90's and early 2000's, but have now not been for 5+ years. Its a 220 odd mile round trip and at 16/18 is too expensive in IMHO. Particularly when Hendon is 40 miles away and the only charge is to park. I know they are different experiences but a day at Duxford is likely to cost 50+food, Hendon 10+food etc.


                                        Although previously administered by DAS (Duxford Aviation Society) FoD has always passed on all monies to IWM from the very beginning.

                                        What is happening here is an attempt to rationalise the various membership schemes (with varieties of governance and control and cost management) into one brand/product (with possibly different flavours) for all of IWM, with IWM gaining necessary benefits in administration costs and set-up whilst aspiring to grow the offer and benefits, so retaining for example what FoD has today, but potentially offering more, and across all IWM sites. So a potentially good way to treat friends. I don't think any benefits have eroded?

                                        I'm hoping that a new scheme brings along technologies such as on-line subscription, payment, booking etc. with it to address some of the difficulties mentioned on this thread.

                                        1batfastard - Belfast, Duxford, CWR have always charged, there is no aim to start any new entrance charges at all. Lambeth and Manchester will always remain free due to their governmental agreement.

                                        Facing facts, governmental income is diminishing year on year and by 2020 IWM governmental income will have decreased by 50% since its peak. This needs to be gained elsewhere. part of the plan, I believe, is to grow membership significantly, introducing a cash flow through membership whilst offering members benefits similar or better to what they have today. I'd hope that those of you who predict a decease in friends numbers are wrong and I'd hope the new scheme offers enhancements for members. I'll certainly want to join to be able to offer my continued support to IWM Duxford, for me at least it's not just what I can get out of IWM and Duxford with membership but what I can contribute to the place I enjoy passionately too.
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