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RAF "ALDON" Messerschmitts

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    Some nice photos here Cliff


      I am trying to ind a photo of G-AFRN for my second book on Fairoaks.


        Which G-AFRN, Paddington? According to Kenneth West ('The Captive Luftwaffe' - Putnam, 1978) there was the 'real' G-AFRN (W/nr 2039) - but I can't see that it had any connection with Fairoaks - and the 'other' G-AFRN - which was actually G-AFZO (W/nr 1660) but after being bought at the No. 5 MU disposal sale at Kemble, was flown to Heston (West says carrying its RAF markings and a high gloss light blue colour scheme) and subsequently carried the registration mark G-AFRN (does anyone know why - surely if it was just a paint shop error it wouldn't have taken four years to realise and rectify this?) apparently until it was sold in Switzerland in 1950 as HB-ESL. And if you look at Aerofoil's earlier post (#16), you'll see that it seems to have been a case of lightning striking twice in almost the same place! But to return to your point of interest, Paddington, there are plenty of photos of the 'other' G-AFZO bearing its correct registration mark but I have seen none of it bearing the mark G-AFRN. If there are any photos of the 'real' G-AFRN, as a civil aircraft, I suspect that these are as rare as hens' teeth as it can't have flown in these markings for more than three months (its CofA was issued in June 1939 and all private flying was prohibited from September 1939). Theoretically, between September 1939 and May 1941 (when it was impressed as DK280) it could have been photographed in store (does anyone know where it was stored). The 'real' G-AFRN never returned to the UK civil register because it was destroyed in a crash in July 1944.
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          Re examples in the U.S., circa 2003 there was an example in Abilene, Texas
          that was stored in the local CAF hangar. To the best of my knowledge, it was owned by a member, not the CAF.

          After the owner died, it left town on the back of a truck.
          Any details would be appreciated.
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            Not a surviving Aldon, but a surviving, and flying, Bf108 B-1 is HB-HEB at Lausanne. Built in 1938, wn 1988, bought by the Swiss Army in 1938 as A-201, it was on display at Zurich Airport for 30 years. It was restored starting in 2001 with its new first flight in 2011, as A-201. My photo is at Lausanne, soon after its restoration, when I was minding the flight line and was close to the action.
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