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Looking for info - control chain and 3.5" sprocket.

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    Looking for info - control chain and 3.5" sprocket.


    I'm trying to finalise the CAD work for the control columns for our Horsa project and where I've hit a stop is the sprocket and chain within the control column. None of the APs or technical notes I have give any dimensions so I've having to "eye" it and derive dimensions from other parts.

    Based on what info I have the sprocket itself was ref 26ED/11742 but thinking logically, the "cheap" production ideal of the Horsa I would imagine they'd use a stock part rather than have a unique one for the glider. After all, all the control pulleys are standard AGS 3" ones so why not other hardware?

    So... having seen pictures of chains/sprockets used in Spits, Hurri's, Lancs and so forth, has anyone got any info and/or dimensions on a standard type "C" chain sprocket about 3.5" - 3.75" diameter with a 0.375" (3/8") bore? Also was there a fairly standard size chain used for control linkages? Based on the groove it would be about 0.25" wide. I'm hoping to find an AGS ref an/or modern equivalent rather than have to manufacture one.

    Aeronut - on the off chance you see this, does MAF have any sprockets from Tarrent Rushton that have the 11742 number on them or would be about the size?
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