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Projects Wants And Trades 2015

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  • oldgit158
    Grand Waster of Time

    Projects Wants And Trades 2015

    Dear All,

    Hope the Mods are ok with this thread.

    Please list your projects wants and surplus you have for trade on this thread as well as web links for any parts you know of in reply to any project requirements, any ebay links please post in the appropriate Seen on Ebay2015 thread thank you.

    Don't forget a photograph(s) of that missing item is worth a thousand words and will assist others in finding it a bit quicker for you.

    Also if through this thread you find that elusive item then please let us know
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  • station 342
    Rank 5 Registered User

    Looking for a pair of lids for a SCR522 radio, also a decent coax socket if anyone's got one.
    My scr522 is lacking these to be complete.
    Many thanks, station 342


    • Beermat
      1 Registered Rank Loser

      Hi all!

      Does anyone have a tail wheel fork for a DHC Beaver?
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      It's all good. Probably.


      • Robert Edward
        Rank 5 Registered User

        I'm looking for instruments suitable for a vintage glider, especially an early COSIM
        Variometer (the one with the external tubes.)
        Thank you,

        Robert M


        • OZFURYFAN
          Rank 5 Registered User

          Still looking for Dowty sequence valves & actuators for SeaFury wing folding system, sequence valves may be the same as EE Canberra nose gear sequence valve but not sure, Pete


          • sopwith.7f1
            Rank 5 Registered User

            Looking for the following instruments "any condition" for a Bristol Bombay instrument panel etc.

            2 MK Ia oil temp gauges.
            2 MK IIIc boost gauges.
            2 suitable Smiths electrical fuel contents gauges.
            2 6A/647 switch units for above.
            1 MK IA Artificial Horizon.

            Bob T.


            • MerlinPete
              Rank 5 Registered User

              I`m looking for 5 replacement Stb`d side Lancaster exhaust stubs for the ground runner.
              As you can see, I have plenty of port side stubs to swap! Happy to purchase outright if needs be.

              Attached Files
              If I had a quid for every time someone mentioned "buried crated Merlins", I could buy one!



              • AnthonyG
                Rank 5 Registered User

                Hi all

                I am desperately seeking a set of split throttle levers for my Auster T7 rebuild...see below (yellow knobs). I just cant find any with my contacts over here in NZ.

                I have seen these levers retro-fitted to several AOP-6's but I cant locate any for my Aircraft. I would be hugely appreciative of any leads anyone has. I have other Auster 6/7 spares I can trade.



                • H.M.S Vulture
                  FIREFLY PARTS WANTED!

                  Hi all.
                  Need one of these (Firefly).
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20040913_113_1321 copym.jpg
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Size:	229.7 KB
ID:	3658460

                  WANTED FAIREY FIREFLY parts!


                  • Anon
                    Mike Davey

                    I'm after a reasonable complete late Anson throttle quadrant. In fact, any reasonable throttle box with Throttle, mixture and prop RPM control levers on would do as long as it's in reasonable nick.

                    The throttle pedestal in my Anson belongs to somebody else and is only there on loan until I can find a replacement and they'll do a swap. I was a bit late acquiring the cockpit section a couple of years back and the seller sold the throttle box before I got it.

                    Yours hopefully,

                    Happy New Year.



                    • Ritch & Max
                      Rank 5 Registered User

                      Hi all

                      Still looking for a Chipmunk prop spinner and back plate, and a decent Chipmunk windscreen.

                      Best wishes,
                      Ritch and Max.
                      Leicester Aviation Restoration Workshop.


                      • TEXANTOMCAT
                        Rank 5 Registered User

                        Good idea for a thread! We need the following for our Hunter WN904

                        Aircraft Armed signs

                        Spare Hunter Intake blanks (we have a lovely set but always good to have a spare set just in case!)

                        2x pressure gauges


                        PSP (Mk 2) (27R/4486078)
                        Parachute assembly (15A-4177424)
                        Apron assembly (MBEU/4130 - 27L/4527605) (this includes the head rest)
                        Oxygen demand system assembly (MBEU/19427)
                        Oxygen emergency system assembly (MBEU/19377 or 19870)
                        Leg restraint strap assembly (MBEU/3675) x2
                        Negative G strap (MBEU/27812)
                        Anti-G tube (MBEU/1732)
                        Face screen restrainer strap (MBEU/222G - 27L/4527611)
                        Headbox protective sleeve assembly (MBEU/24360 - 27L/3054)
                        Quick release pin & lanyard (MBEU/13892 - 27L/4527806)
                        Warning plate (MBEU/1075)
                        Cleat (MBEU/1834 27L/7002570) x 3
                        Our Beech 18 &
                        Visit Sywell Aviation Museum @
                        Sywell Airshow 17.8.2014


                        • Vampirefan
                          Rank 5 Registered User

                          For a couple of restoration projects........

                          Any T-6 or Harvard parts. Particularly centre section, main and tail undercarriage, windscreen and decking, fin, horizontals and elevators, ailerons and flaps. Anything is of interest however, particularly if in the UK/Europe.

                          Type J landing lamp (5C/1515 I think), any Gipsy Queen parts, de Havilland two blade bracket propeller seals. American style magneto switches. American style air filter this type

                          Also de Havilland Dove or Heron fuel filter, hydraulic pump and hydraulic filter.

                          I think that's it for now.
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                          • JDH1976
                            Rank 5 Registered User

                            looking for the rods to connect the chains up on my Hurricane control column. They are currently connected with garden wire! Do not have to be original parts just want something that will do the job beter than the wire.



                            • Wyvernfan
                              Rank 5 Registered User

                              For the Wyvern I'm particularly looking for a Type 2 Mk.1 retractable GGS mounting - ref 8B/2860, or as an alternative a Hawker SeaHawk type GGS mounting would be welcome. Also all Wyvern parts always welcome.

                              Also trying to track down an instrument panel for the Short Sturgeon, as there has been at least one that surfaced several years ago.

                              Facebook page


                              • JEK
                                Rank 5 Registered User

                                For a Javelin interior / panel mockup when retirement arrives (although it seems to recede not approach!), I've put together a small photo album of bits and things that have eluded me so far entitled WANTED. Prevents me making a mess of the thread and showing myself up.


                                Many thanks


                                • TempestV
                                  Rank 5 Registered User

                                  de Havilland Hornet

                                  Happy New Year all,

                                  If anyone has any of the following Hornet parts, I'd be interested:

                                  Windscreen glass (all 3 panels)
                                  Nose cone
                                  Cannon fairing

                                  Thanks in advance,


                                  • No.2 A.A.C.U.
                                    Rank 5 Registered User

                                    Hello All,

                                    If anyone has any leads on the following Martinet parts I would certainly be very interested:

                                    Fuel Selector
                                    Hydraulic Hand Pump

                                    Photos to assist.

                                    Kind regards,

                                    Attached Files


                                    • spitfireman

                                      Still looking for a control column for my Canberra T.22.

                                      Restoration now underway.Click image for larger version

Name:	10378247_10203130350680415_7671657330600481251_n.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	138.0 KB
ID:	3658510

                                      Can T22 WT525, Can B2 WD954, Pilatus P2 A-125 (cockpits)


                                      • spitfireman

                                        Require Vampire T.11 canopy perspex, both sides, for cockpit restoration.


                                        Can T22 WT525, Can B2 WD954, Pilatus P2 A-125 (cockpits)


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