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    Hi Cees

    Apologies, the gauge wasn't with the ones we received unfortunately



      Hi all,

      I've got available a MK10 oxygen regulator in very good condition, glass in tact on both dials, writing on the wheels still very much legible.
      Also have a radiator gauge.

      Selling on behalf of a friend, anyone interested I can pass on details.




        Grumman Avenger, Grumman Goose, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Percival Pembroke and Handley Page Hastings engine throttle quadrants available for possible trades for Westland Wyvern parts.

        Can be collected from Newark on the 14th.

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          The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum has it Auster AOP V RT520 available for disposal, the museum's looking at recovering its costs, closing date for applications of interest need to be in by 30/04/18


            Just thought I would add the last few bits I'm looking for to complete my pair of Lynx armoured seats. I still require the green seat base cushions that go between the PSP and sheepskin top cover, pitot & static vent cover storage bag which attaches to the seat rear, and a Graviner/Kidde fire extinguisher.

            Many thanks,



              Looking for pilot and copilot panels for Airspeed Oxford or drawings for same.
              Thanks Yeti


                Wanted for Wessex HAS1 project
                Attached Files


                  Looking for a nice New Old Stock 2 way tumbler switch (5CW/2497) if anyone has one they would part with.



                    LookinClick image for larger version

Name:	3F2D0FDB-F730-42E2-9ACD-47C9E5622D38.jpeg
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                    Looking for parts for my Vulcan pilots centre panel if anyone has and leads on them.

                    Oil PSI gauges x3 (hunter/canberra fitted at moment)

                    HYD PSI gauge (again similar item fitted at the moment)

                    Pillar lamps

                    Hydraulic Power Pack Switch 5CW/4400280 (pre-mod) or 5CW/4407828

                    Accelerometer Mk 2A 6A/4337780

                    MFS Selector Unit Rotax 1125FS 6A/5479

                    Jettison switches and guard

                    I have put some feelers out and about some common sources as well ...

                    Spares I have for possible swaps

                    NOS CofG gauge
                    Control surface indicator




                      Nice panel Rob!


                        Looking for any information regarding the FN20 tail turret as used in Stirlings. Photocopies of manuals etc.
                        Thanks in advance.


                          Jaguar (GR.1 ideally) parts, both cockpit and airframe, anything considered.

                          Many thanks in advance.




                            Looking for four front booster rocket mounting brackets for a Bloodhound misssile, Mk1 preferably although Mk 2 will do. Also the rear booster rocket main mounting bracket which sits at the rear of the main body of the misssile.


                              I have an oil pressure gauge for my J5F Auster project but I'm missing the entire connection from the gauge to the engine (Gipsy Major 1C) . If anyone has one (even with a gauge) please get in touch. Link to my Facebook page so you can message me on here or on FB:
                              Photo shows identical one as installed in J5F ZK-BDY.
                              J5F left hand Instrument panel by Barry Tod, on Flickr
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                                Looking for Bomb Release Handle for P-39 main panel, last bit I need to complete my original Q panel.
                                Any leads would be great

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Bottom Half Q panel - Checklist.JPG
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                                  baz62, that "entire connection from the gauge to the engine" could be a simple copper tube with common fittings. If so, easy to fabricate new piece.

                                  As for me:
                                  Anything Dornier.
                                  17, 215, 217, 24, 18.

                                  Open to RAF/FAA items too, if I have some change for.
                                  Do17 recovery fund
                                  Since 2004 dedicated to researching Do-17, 1000+ period photos, manuals, history, technology to put aircraft in perspective.


                                    Its not. Its a capilliary -same type used on Chipmunk and getting difficult to get hold of in good order.


                                      Oh dear that doesn't sound promising for old Baz.


                                        Click image for larger version

Name:	86AC57C8-7B9C-45A4-BE52-A5888329134E.jpeg
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                                        Looking for one of these if anyone has any leads on one? Tried some of the usual outlets and nothing found so far.

                                        Have a couple of bits for possible trade


                                          Turns out the oil pressure gauge I have is the direct-read type so oil pressure goes direct to the instrument unlike the capillary type David mentions. So a lot simpler for me as a few 1/8th BSP fittings, a copper tube and a flexible hose and I'm connected. Ron Neal a UK based Auster expert is helpfully sending me the factory drawings for the installation.