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  • Flying_Pencil
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    • Sep 2010
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    Just did a trip.

    Dux was amazing.
    Cosford is also excellent (stay in Telford, the Park Inn gives discounts if you say you are there for RAFM. Telford is also easy train trip from Cosford)
    Hendon RAFM is also a must see, but I think not as good as Cosford.

    I am sure others mentioned are well worth trip.

    Note the Science Museum in London has a number very notable displays, worth a stop if time allows.
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    • PhantomII
      Phantoms Phorever
      • Jan 2000
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      Time won't be an issue. Just have to figure out which weekends I can get the wife to let me go explore! Thanks again for all the tips!


      • WP840
        Whisky Papa
        • Feb 2006
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        What are Forumites opinions on Solent Sky?
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        • aeronut 2008
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          • Jan 2008
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          Originally posted by WP840 View Post
          What are Forumites opinions on Solent Sky?
          An excellent but well hidden museum


          • farnboroughrob
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            • Dec 2008
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            Solent Sky is one of the better of the voluntary run museums and is often over looked. Their main drawback is its in a rundown part of the city and a bit out of the way. The aircraft are jammed in but are well presented and in great condition. Nice to be able to get inside the Sandringham and see how the rich once traveled. The fact that is one of the few non-national museums with a Spitfire plus it has the S6 says a lot about the standard.


            • mike currill
              Big pistons rule
              • Jul 2003
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              Originally posted by PhantomII View Post
              Time won't be an issue. Just have to figure out which weekends I can get the wife to let me go explore! Thanks again for all the tips!
              I feel pretty certain I speak for all of us who have made suggestions on here when I say you are most welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here. I also hope you return home having learned something new, something I always manage whenever I visit historic locations.
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              • David Burke
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                • Jan 2000
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                If your going to live in East Anglia you are pretty close a a large number of museums . There is the added advantage that London is close to hand with attractions for you and your wife.


                • merlin70
                  Tim Clark
                  • Mar 2004
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                  The de Havilland Museum (Formerly Mosquito Museum) near Hatfield Herts, has a historically significant collection including several Mosquitos. I'm surprised its not previously been mentioned on this thread.
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