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Your Favourite Control Column Stick/Yoke/Grip!

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    Thanks Swifter,

    I guess so long as the Microphone engraving is in a horizontal position then at least you know it is not KC-97. Mine has the Boeing cap.
    WANTED For projects: P-63 / P-39 & A-26 Invader Parts


      Nice NOS HS121 Trident yoke on eBay (no autopilot or PTT switches), a sorely missed aircraft from our skies!


        In relation to post #1107 B29 wheel and cap. Final price was 1,342 ($1,925) not bad!


          Latest acquisition is this Interflug Ilyushin 18 control column, purchased from a model shop in Berlin. They have other parts from the aircraft for sale, propeller, door and antenna if anyone is a fan of this aircraft type. Link:

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            You're a Great Scrounger!

            Originally posted by FLY.BUY View Post
            Latest acquisition is this Interflug Ilyushin 18 control column
            FLY.BUY: I envy your ability to find great yokes/wheels from sources outside of the typical ebay auction. Kudos !!



              Of all the coincidences, I am in Berlin right now! Will have a look...


                Thanks for your kind words Nick, just luck really and quite a bit of time surfing the'net'. Berlin sounds exciting Ian, have a good time!


                  I Was surfing the net this evening when I came across a couple of web sites with private yoke collections. Query on the first site is that really a Lockheed Hudson yoke?


                  This second site has a V- Bomber collection of yokes:



                    How easily the evenings slip away, FLY.BUY! You could be right on the Hudson yoke, the centre looks different to the (unusually clear) image in the pilot's notes. The shape is very similar though, with protrusions at the ends. Your IL 18 column is very impressive. Is that a dial fitted? As well as a reading lamp! Looks a bit Nimrodski.
                    I thought better of the Berlin aviation shop, temptation would have been dangerous after an expensive weekend. Have you tried the shop in Dorking? I drove passed but haven't stopped.


                      Jaguar grip on eBay , can't link it in at mo but item number is 201516288653


                        F-16 Sidestick questions

                        Dear all,

                        Recently i have acquired 2 f-16 sidesticks after a really long search! So i am quite happy with the sticks.

                        On the sticks there is the official original item number engraved in black under the palmrest (in my case : 16C0053 and 16C0073)
                        Underneath the rest, there are other designations written with yellow ink :

                        for the 16C0073 grip :
                        81755 ASSY

                        for the 16C0053 grip :
                        81755 ASSY

                        Am i correct to assume that during maintenance the sticks were 'upgraded' and thus got a newer item number (16C1072-3 compared to original 16C0073).

                        As far as i know, the 16C0053 is a block 1-5 and 16C0073 is a block 10 grip, can anyone confirm this?

                        Thanks so much for your help!

                        Best regards,



                          Here's an obscure one for you. It's another of those generic-looking US wheels where you want to
                          say "DC3" at first sight, but upon closer examination, it turns out to be rather different. (see post 1059 and 1060 for another example)

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled-2.jpg
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ID:	3666589

                          It is part of our joint collection of wheels, yokes and grips which is coming up for disposal. Better to know what it is before you offer it for sale rather than discovering afterwards!

                          Anyone recognise the design? The best we have to date is that it matches the wheel used in the Barkley-Growe T8P-1. (Yes, we had to look it up, too!)


                          It certainly looks like the same wheel, see this cockpit photo:


                          The one clue, on the rear, reads:-

                          A.H.R. Co. MODEL NO. 3 TC N0. 118

                          I assume A.H.R. is the American Hard Rubber Co., which appears to be something like to US wheels what Dunlop were to UK ones, i.e. using Vulcanite to coat them?

                          The wheel is approx. 13.75" wide and 11.5" deep.

                          The T8P-1 was a low volume production (11 airframes) and I can't help but feel that this wheel comes straight out of a A.H.R. catalogue in the 1930's and may have been selected for use in other types.

                          But which ones?
                          The garage that keeps on giving.


                            Is it heavy? Looks similar to the yokes on a Link trainer, the centre hub hole is rather small and I guess such a small attachment would not with stand the forces encountered in a live flying aircraft. Link yokes were normally heavy and made from scrap melted metal where weight and quality wouldn't be an issue on a static aircraft.

                            Not my picture but one I grabbed off the internet for a Link trainer yoke. Therefore credit to however took the picture. Hopefully you will see the similarities.
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                              Originally posted by Air Ministry View Post
                              The T8P-1 was a low volume production (11 airframes) and I can't help but feel that this wheel comes straight out of a A.H.R. catalogue in the 1930's and may have been selected for use in other types. But which ones?[/I]
                              Air Ministry: I've wondered about that droopy (highly technical term there) yoke design too. I call it "droopy" due to the 6 o'clock spoke being longer than the 10 and 2 spokes. My research also led me to the Barkley aircraft...which I had not heard of previously. That droopy wheel was not the usual factory installation in the DC3; nor in the Lockheed 10, 12, 14 or 18; nor in the Beech 18; nor in the Grummans of the period. None of the Boeings used it. Nor did the pre-war Fairchilds. What's left? Damned if I know. It's entirely plausible though, that this yoke/wheel design may have found its way into the cockpit of various aircraft over their operational lives.

                              Like you, I would be interested in hearing from others who may have knowledge on whether this yoke originally associated with a specific aircraft.

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                                F-111 grip and column on eBay, pretty poor condition with a high price tag but buyer will take offers:

                                Soviet SU-17 and SU-25 grip
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                                  Gosh the prices of sticks just goes up and up, 18,000 for this one ! Ebay item 201376404799. Makes me wonder what is the most expensive grip or yoke anyone has come across ????


                                    The droopy yoke is similar to Norseman
                                    Tony Dyer


                                      Originally posted by Runway06 View Post
                                      Gosh the prices of sticks just goes up and up 18,000 for this one. Ebay item 201376404799. Makes me wonder what is the most expensive grip or yoke anyone has come across ????
                                      I know what you're driving at Runway06, but the asking price isn't the sale price. No telling how much that JN-4 stick will sell for, but I would very surprised if it has that rich of a valuation. The most expensive control wheel I've seen actually sell on ebay was a late model P-38(J-L) yoke, without the dive brake or MIC switches, that sold for $3,999us in 2007. I'm sure there have been some more expensive sales out there.....

                                      Tony; your post prompted a visit to to look for the Norseman. The single cockpit shot on the site shows a wheel that is indeed similar, but doesn't have droopy's "ears". Maybe they were cut off. Other than that they look the same....

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                                        Hi All,
                                        Would anyone know what mark Avro Anson (Year) that they first introduced brake levers to there control yokes.

                                        Also reference the dual control columns and single control. would these of been used from a particular year? or were they set up for training methods?

                                        Thank you in advance for any info given.


                                          Good question re Anson yokes: Also to throw into the mix I believe that there were two different design type yokes for the Anson, I believe the MK1 was a different shape to the later marks.