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Your Favourite Control Column Stick/Yoke/Grip!

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    Corr blimey!

    there are some corking examples and very interesting grips coming out, I too particularly like the ones with a bit of history associated, especially Hurricanes! I must get up into the loft and drag some more of my goodies out of hibernation!

    Ian, regarding your Jag/Mirage column, I noticed that the grip had a 'diamond' pattern on the sides of the grip, this would to me at least, indicate a Mirage as far as I am aware the Jag's were plain; well the Jag grip I have is and all the pictures I've seen (at least RAF ones) are plain too. However, I am of course open to all forms of ridicule and correction!!

    On to my next though, thought I'd post a yoke this time and probably the scarcest of the Canberra family - collecting wise at least, the PR9.


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      Thanks Martyn, that's useful information. I'd suspected Mirage when the column arrived but didn't know there was such an obvious grip difference between them and Jags. It's a learning game! Your Canberra yoke is is quite special, certainly never seen one outside of a cockpit picture before.
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        Thats looking good Ian, if only i had one!....


          Originally posted by Biggles of 266 View Post
          Here is mine

          V7289 Hurricane crashed Blundel lane Stoke D'abernon 27-9-1940.
          I watched it being dug up in 1977.

          F/O W. Zak baled out at 30,000 ft.
          Aircraft was flown on a few sorties during the BOB by Joseph Frantisek.
          This was recently on display/loaned to the 303 sqdn exhibition in the RAFM.

          If things can be special, this is a special thing.
          Lovely stick Guy, you can have as many sticks off any old aircraft as you like but one with a history is something special and glad you still treasure it....


            You'll just have to make do with the front one. Pop some photos of yours up, it's a fine collection!
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              I do admire (envy), all those individuals who can afford time and effort to extricate the plethora of aviation archaeology that lies beneath the surface of our shores and are able to share their discoveries with others.

              Owning anything from an aeroplane discovered or excavated should or must be of great prize to the owner. Indeed, I have a pair of rocker arms from a RR Merlin Mosquito dig I was fortunate to be involved with, still crusty with earth but, none the less priceless to me!

              However, the ultimate prize must be the item that connects the human with the machine, i.e. the control column. Whether dug from the ground, recovered from a prang, or liberated by an Erk (I have been that erk!), they all have a story to tell, top marks to all for sharing your beloved items, keep em coming!

              That said, how about an F 86F Sabre and F86D/K column?


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                Fully in favour of them Martyn! There are lots of loose B8s out there but having identifiable to type ones makes it. You've got quite a collection there, looking forward to seeing more! I'll sort out some more dig ones in proper light although Fighterace has the pick of the dug grips.


                  Some pics of mine

                  Tornado back seater

                  Wessex p1 have a pair, this one is brand new still in box hence tape

                  Wessex p2

                  Sabre I'm told

                  Hawk throttle BAe mock up


                    Hi Tony,

                    Are there any numbers on the 'Sabre' Grip?



                      That's a very clean selection Tony, they all look unissued, not just the cyclics. The mock up is interesting, it's nice to see the design process. A forum member with a regular aerojumble stall had three Tornado sticks in various states from rough cast to finished. Looked the business as a display.


                        Pilots of 238 Squadron were patroling Dorset on the 5th November 1940 when they were 'bounced' by JG2 led by Major Helmut Wick at 25,000ft. Four Hurricanes fell, Sergeant Jeka baled out over Sturminster Marshall,

                        Sergeant Jeka's Hurricane, V7535, dived absolutely vertically into the ground at tremendous speed and disappeared but in 2006 his hurricane was eventually found, the fist of a few sticks to come out of the ground in the following years but the first is always the most memorable

                        Jozef Jeka survived the war, finally commanding 306 Squadron. He later became a test pilot in America where he became the first Polish pilot to fly at Mach 2, but he died in a Lockheed U2 crash, his medals come up for auction a few years ago but were out of my price range at 32,000.
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                          Sabre one numbers Martyn

                          Type B-8-A
                          S/No 5200-875200
                          D/N 53c4719
                          G- 56679

                          It also has 506604 under a button lug on the side near the top hat.

                          Thank you for the comments Ian. The switches in the Space Model some are dummies Ian and it is missing one switch.
                          I was suprised it was cast, one would have thought a mock up would be resin etc, one can only assume it was nigh on put to bed design wise. There was a service one on eBay a while back, was tempted.

                          Another view

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                            Some lovely pieces being shown on here, keep 'em coming.

                            Originally posted by ian_ View Post
                            On the parts with history side, this is the back seat stick, from a Ju87H trainer. The Stuka was recovered for the 'Dig 1940' series as a Blitzkreig casualty.
                            What an amazing find Ian. Do they differ from single seater JU-87's? If so then surely surviving sticks from two seat Stuka's can be counted on one hand?!

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                              Hurricane Column


                              To add to the growing number of Hurricane grips here`s my Dunlop patent grip.

                              Hope you like them
                              I don`t care to belong to any club that accepts people like me as members!


                                Will have to get my camera out for you then, but this ranks quite high in my collection, John Cocks hurricane control column recovered again during the Dig 1940 series for BBC. This one from V7233 shot down in the Fleet lagoon Portland dorset 11th August 1940 by Helmet wick. Brings back a few memories this one with the fun we had floating digger the unseen version:diablo:
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                                  I only have one. That is off a De Haviland 89a Rapide.



                                    Here is my current collection of grips, they are clearly from a single type (no guesses!) and are one from each mark including a left hander from a twin tub, a development batch grip and a one off hand made ergonomics grip that came from Warton.

                                    No clear favourite as each has its own story (two were source directly from pilots ) but the prototype grips top the list closely followed by the Ian Black grip .




                                    "Good luck Mr Gorsky!".


                                      ****'s Hurricane was a brilliant weekend, drove straight from school on Friday and could see the barge bobbing in the Fleet. watching the spade grip dangling on the tooth of the digger bucket was pretty special!
                                      Thanks for the extra pic Tony, the detail in a 'mock up' is impressive. I saw the production one on ebay and gave in. Nobody else bid. That said it is a terrible design. Compared to a contemporary F16 throttle it's all over the place and very uncomfortable.
                                      Banansplits, Wow! The column is astonishing but I must admit to liking your poster even more. If that could be reproduced full size it would form a veritable shrine in my study. It sets off the column superbly.
                                      Rob, the Stuka stick looks to be a standard KG13, the only difference being a blank id plate. It is the correct size but plain black anodized. The top has been melted off so not sure about the rest of it. The 'H' trainer version had the innards of an Arado 96 cockpit grafted in, but the stick would give more of a Stuka feel than the plain wooden stick of the Arado. It is quite rare, there are no photos in existence of the Ju87H trainer at all!
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                                        Lordy! Now that's a collection! EE Lightning is something I'm sadly lacking. Same name, different era, I've posted this Lightning grip before but there is always room for another go...
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                                          Thanks for the info Ian. Agree about Banansplits poster too, as thats a brilliant way of displaying the column / grip.

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