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    Dornier G-BMFG

    Dornier DO27A-1 Reg G-BMFG serial number 342 has a new owner and the aircraft is due to arrive at St Athan for a short while soon. The new owner has expressed an interest in finding out some history on the aircraft and wishes to paint it in a scheme that the aircraft originally had. Can anyone help with the information as at present there is very little to go on. Thanks

    It's sister G-BMFH was stolen on Dec 7th 1987 from Booker.

    If the thief supposes everyone has forgotten, they haven't, so any airframe spares popping up should be looked into very carefully.


      How do you steal a DO-27 and not get caught?
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        I would love to hear more of the question posed by 'Fouga' - I recall that it was reported at the time, but not the detail.

        As a start towards an answer for the original question, a few details from the reference books on my shelves. With the Luftwaffe and Portuguese serials traced, hopefully others can fill in further detail, and maybe even photographs (!?) - these notes are purely from paper sources, I've not searched on the net.

        Built by Dornier Flugzeugbau GmbH at Oberpfaffenhofen around 1958 as a Dornier Do.27A-1 for the West German Air Force, with the Construction Number 27-1003-342. Known to have carried the registration/code AC+955 at least (this registration would change on move from unit to unit). AC+ shows use by Flugzeugfuhrerschule-C (FFS-C). The Unit was formed at Diepholz in 1956 and by then at Uetersen in 1971 became Fluganwaerterregiment (FlAnwRgt) with just P-149D. Their Do.27A were serialed in the block AC+901 to AC+960 and served alongside L-18C Super Cub and P-149D aircraft. Out of WGAF service and sold before January 1968 and the introduction of the current registration/code system, when the remaining Do.27 became 55+01 to 57+65.

        Standard '60s scheme for WGAF Do.27s appears to have been a tactical grey & green camouflage pattern, with light grey undersides and day-glo orange applied to nose/cowlings, rudder (at least) - although I have no idea for certain what scheme(s) AC+955 wore.

        Before 1968 supplied to the Portuguese Air Force (exactly when?) with the serial FAP 3460. Anyone know details of FAP service, units, bases, retirement date etc.? FAP operated Do.27s registered 3321 to 3375 from WGAF & WG Army stocks; 3401 to 3440 direct from Dornier 1961-62; and 3451 to 3499 former WG military aircraft. By 1977 it is reported that only 16 remained in FAP active service. Some FAP machines kept the WG green/grey camouflage with day-glo nose, tail and wing-tips, but sky blue undersides - I have no evidence that this was the case with FAP3460 though.

        Sold, imported to the UK, and registered G-BMFG 23.09.85, initially notified as a Dornier 27A-4, subsequently changed to a Do.27A-1. Civilian owners can be traced on G-INFO website.

        Consulted: A-B UK Civil Registers/MCP German Military Avn 1956-1976 Paul Jackson/MCP Spanish & Portuguese Military Aviation (Pub 1977)

        The Dornier Do.27 was the first serial production aircraft produced in West Germany post War. According to Wikipedia a total of 628 were built, of which 428 were supplied to all 3 German Services; 177 built as mark A-1, a 5-seat STOL utility transport aircraft.

        Anyone know of books detailing the Dornier 27, along with colour schemes etc.? Can't recall the type ever being covered by a Profile, Aviation News 3-view, or modeling magazines to aid the pre-repaint research being undertaken by "HFL" - do you?.
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          Hi, thank you for the info.

          My wife and I have taken on the aircraft from its previous owner on condition that we complete the rennovation work required and keep it flying.

          The work is being under taken at Hunter Flying St Athan and we hope to get the aircraft back this month for some flights around Harwarden before returning it for paint work in December.

          There is a bit of debate over how we should paint the D27. It was Luftwaffe from new but served with the Portugese Air Force for a number of years in Africa and has four bullet hole repairs to prove it.

          I am inclined to re paint it in period Luftwaffe colours while the previous owner would prefer it in Portugese colours. At the end of the day since we are paying for it's our call but would be interested in the views of others on the forum.

          Regards Dornier


            Belgian colors
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              Try this for colour scheme, there is a colour plate for a sister plane plus others to choose from. This is page 2 of the German ones, if you look in the centre of the page you can click on the Portuguese ones. Hope it helps.......Martin
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                Hi HFL/Dornier, I found a sideview of AC + 939 (for a sim) in this link. I think the colur is much more realistic than the other one, as I know those guys try really hard to get it right. Just scroll down to Do 27, the lower one.


                Just use the 2nd link



                It seems, it could have had a different (later ) colourscheme as well, like the one seen on this pic ( AC+929)


                You may want to have a look here as well:

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                  Hi Dornier, having had a good look around your aircraft can I say you have a really beauty there! Funny, I wasn't that interested in 27s until yours revealled just what a clever and well built aircraft they are - truly a post-war Storch.

                  Purely my two penneth, my favourite scheme is the Portuguese (Angola period) all over olive drab with just the national markings to break up the colour,,r:4,s:0,i:85
                  There are other Luftwaffe painted examples about of course.

                  You've probably seen,

                  Just seen that there has already been one preserved in the scheme I mentioned,
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                    Ye Gods, one AL'D-ENTE


                    This looks pretty but has been done


                      In the early 1980s I nearly bought an ex Heeresflieger Do 27 after a few hours flying it. A lovely aeroplane but surprisingly noisy. I applied to the UK licensing agency to have it put on the UK register but to my horror it would have cost many thousands of pounds to do so as the type had not been previously through the system. A great pity as it could have been mine for not very much money ( I forget the actual amount ) and would have had a cabin load of spares thrown in.


                        Some pictures of 'FG, for a 54 year aircraft that doesn't fall immediately in the classic stable, it is in remarkable condition.

                        Dornier 27 G-BMFG 1 Sep 12 by jamtey71, on Flickr

                        Dornier 27 G-BMFG 4 Oct 12 by jamtey71, on Flickr

                        Dornier 27 G-BMFG 5 Oct 12 by jamtey71, on Flickr


                          Thanks for your views and help

                          Going to mull it over but thanks for the input hoping to fly the Dornier to Harwarden early next week subject to voltage reg issue.

                          Will give you an update in due course

                          Regards Dornier



                            After a period of maintenance at St Athan we were finally able to fly FG out yesterday despite some blustery showers. Aircraft not easy to taxi out of Hunter Flying as it has an uphill ramp but with a bit of help got it round the corner.

                            Used two stages of flap, with full fuel and three up it lifted off and climbed out at a rate of knots. Flies very nicely and chugs along at an economical cruising speed of 90kts. I say economical it burned two thirds of its fuel over 1hr 45 which is v expensive but light ac standards.

                            Departed via Cardiff Docks with friend in the back taking pictures. Headed north staying west of Usk then Monmouth, Hereford, Ludlow, Church Stretton, Shrewsbury, Chirk.

                            A bit bumpy with a westerly flow but friend had the rear side windows open and was hanging out on a harness to take opportunity pictures.

                            Arrived at Chester after a quick foray into Wales and was a little concerned at wind strength. At the req of ATC did a couple of circuits for training and finally landed with one stage of flap.

                            Thought we might have trouble taxiing against a gusting SW wind but carefully picked out way to the GA hangar.

                            Aircraft will return to St Athan for paint in mid December. We think a German scheme most likely and hope to take the aircraft to a couple of local shows next year.

                            Regards Dornier


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                                Originally posted by Dornier View Post
                                A bit bumpy with a westerly flow but friend had the rear side windows open and was hanging out on a harness to take opportunity pictures.
                                I did comment to ATC that you were going to have a bumpy trip, you were lucky as a hail storm closed the runway for an hour or so after you left.

                                Did your friend get any nice airfield pictures as you passed them?


                                  Dornier, it's great to see that you have got G-BMFG back in the air where it belongs, it looks to be an impressive aeroplane. I remember this aeroplane being housed at Old Buckenham for several years in the small green blister hangar that's next to where the flying club is now situated. The aircraft was very tightly packed into the hangar and was occasionally ground run but I don't think it was ever flown. I think it moved to a private airstrip within the Marham ATZ shortly after the airfield at Old Buckenham became operational as a flying club in 1998.



                                    Climbing out yesterday, has to be said that it makes a lovely noise!

                                    Dornier G-BMFG S by jamtey71, on Flickr


                                      Would LOVE to get some time in a Dornier 27!!

                                      Not many in USA, hard to even find one.
                                      (Did find a Do-28B float plane in a sorry condition, supposedly under restoration, but nature is faster then the restorer. )
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                                        Tour of Wales


                                        Struggling to upload pictures, couple attached, but had a brief proving flight around North Wales on Sunday.

                                        Apart from a scenic trip managed to fault find a couple of issues and aircraft flying nicely just a handful in the ever present crosswind at Chester where the factory buildings create their own gusts etc.

                                        For next year plan to chase some steam train excursions between Crewe and Chester and photo using a professional friend in the back with side doors removed.

                                        The plane can safely amble along at 50kts which helps

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