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    Hi Tony, yes have flow with the doors open but the stills above all taken via sliding panels in side windows. The video last year has some shots with the side doors open in flight but would remove doors and floor for a photo shoot. FG has a floor mounted camera door for vertical shots but for normal flights we keep a plywood floor in the rear.



      Hope these links work, landing and take off from farm strip. Landed a bit long as trees on short finals but wheeled it on at about 45 kts and it rumbled to a halt with room to spare. Take off always surprises me as the Dornier lifts off at 35-40kts and I then just allow it to accelerate a few more kts and climb out and away. The aircraft is big and thirsty but it can get four people into and out of some very small landing strips.

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        Dornier; I applaud your patience and dedcation to keeping this beautiful aircraft flying..
        I assume you probably have these, already? Original Operating and Maintenance Manual and 6 panel, Large catalogue/brochure..

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        Joe G.



          Hi Joe

          Have the Maintenance but not the brochure. Fancy swapping it for an English Electric Lightning pilots manual?

          I am ex 11 Sqn Lightning pilot and my aircraft ended up in a front drive at Callington Cornwall but I do have some manuals rescued from the last days of RAF Binbrook.

          Always like flying light aircraft and when time and money permitted back in 1985 would drop in at the RAF Cranwell flying club and float about in the Tiger Moth. The Tiger guru back then was an old man called Dickie, ex driver, knew how to fly the Moth and a real gent.

          The Tiger harder to land than the Lightning in my opinion. You just pointed the rocket at the numbers checked the descent and cut power as the tyres touched, the Tiger all together more lively!


            Hi Dornier;
            Also found some 35 old negatives of Do.27s from the old Chris Ashworth Collections, here. Some are color negatives, and some are the old larger negative sizes. Sent you a PM.
            Joe G.


              Trains and Planes!

              Hoped to follow a steam train today (Great Britain VII) so removed right side door and floor so we could film through the floor (Photographic bomb doors) and side of the aircraft.

              Unfortunately train was late so we wasted an hour flying up and down the line from Shrewsbury before dropping into Sleap for fuel. After ringing head office the tour company rep on the train was kind enough to call back and we did find the train but further north and in a less than optimum position between Chirk and Wrexham.

              Hopefully some footage in due course.



                Seriously, I cannot believe you expected anything else than a train running late in the UK.


                  You have got me on that, what was I thinking of!


                    My aviation friend who is also a train enthusiast asked me to post this comment:
                    "The Dornier was spotted circling at Wrexham as the train went through with Black 5 44932 in charge. Added excitement to the afternoon!"



                      Or slipperywhenwetfilms utube 29 April Landing. No steam train footage yet.



                        A big thanks to Jason for braving the back of the aircraft with the side door off and the floor open! He was attached via a safety harness and managed to capture some shots of the Great Britain VII at Chirk and northwards. We had hoped to get to the train between Shrewsbury and Oswestry but the train late and we needed fuel so dipped into Sleap.

                        Anyway hope you find it entertaining.


                          I didn't realise you could open the floor, excellent film and a superb merging of music, is that a CFS badge I espied? Keep them coming
                          I have been pondering trying filming in HD.. I have been looking at the canon 5d stills camera as it also films in HD.


                            I am ex 10 AEF hence the Sqn badge. The aircraft was built for photographic purposes so the door mechanism built in and serviceable etc. Jason is the cameraman and better qualified to answer your points but I feel the limits of camera, vibration, lens and film speed make shooting trains difficult and quality suffers hence next go we will take a still shots to build into a final product combining movie and stills etc.


                              Yesterday some air to air around Woodvale with G DAWG today down to Sleap for fuel. This morning the right oleo went saggy where as last year the left was the problem. Topped up oleo with gas at Ashcroft and a push on the wing unstuck the leg. It appears from Germany the early models had their legs attached to the fuselage at a less than optimum angle, later models had wider angled legs.

                              Pictures in due course from Jason.


                                Click image for larger version

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                                Llandudno steam excursion just west of Crewe 0945 today.


                                  Click image for larger version

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                                  Earl of Mount Edgecumbe west of Crewe on a seaside special to Llandudno for the Airshow.


                                    Click image for larger version

Name:	D27 at home 2.jpg
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                                    The D27 at home in Cheshire, servicing in the field takes on a whole new meaning! We use a car winch to pull the aircraft back into the hangar tailfirst, just like a GR1 into a HAS.
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                                      The aircraft is looking good, on behalf of all forum readers in the south who would I am sure like to see it up close, I would formally like to invite you to bring your classic aircraft to the Air-Britain Vintage & Classic Fly-In at North Weald on 14-15 June. I am hoping the Do28 from OW will attend and if we can get both Dorniers together that would be good to see. The Fly-In website has all the details but if you need anything further please drop me an email.
                                      A-B Fly-In Director


                                        The type is of course a development of the Storch, or, more accurately, a development of the Fi256 - a larger, more streamlined version of the Fi156 Storch that never went into production. AFAIAA 6 were built, none survive.
                                        I'll try to make N Weald in the Storch on the Saturday, we have an airshow at Old Warden on the Sunday so that isn't an option I'm afraid..
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                                        To the obsessed. 'Get a life'.


                                          Sorry I am engaged but will ask a friend who is on the insurance if he is interested and get back to you.