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    Must admit we liked the runway lay out at Sleap today and feel its a better option than getting in the way of Airbus at Broughton.

    I do like Barton but they have suffered threat of closure and thought the old flying club was put under undue pressure but just hearsay.

    Will keep an open mind, thanks for your tips. As an AEF pilot I would have liked to get in at Cosford but believe hangar space taken up.



      After reflection on last arrival at Chester and discussions with the engineers it seems likely the discs are worn so have ordered replacements and pads, o rings etc so that the brakes are over hauled prior to St Athan trip.

      St Athan visit for new radio and mode s transponder. Unfortunately all of the above has eroded money for paint so grey it stays for a while.

      Will post date for flight when brakes over hauled.


        Glad to see it is going well and you're getting the little niggles ironed out..

        As they say if you want to make a small fortune, start with a large fortune and buy an aircraft.



          Hi Tony

          Yes the bills are just under 30k thus far and that's starting to worry the wife and I as one realises the costs keep coming..

          On a happier note some utube footage at,


            Hi Dornier

            I'm in a similar position to you with my aircraft. Looked good on the surface (flew it for a year) but digging deeper found innumerable small problems which all cost money.

            I ended up categorising them as:

            1. Mandatories (in my case a 7 year propellor inspection and a reweigh plus some fuel plumbing and an exhaust problem)
            2. Really should do these.............(some fabric repairs and a few minor items)
            3. Cosmetics - it needs a repaint and recover shortly - but not right now (just means she looks as tatty as your average GA aeroplane in the UK !)
            4. Never gonna happens - flashy GPS, slimline parachutes, new electric variometer............

            Once I'd got my head around it like that it was OK.................

            You want pain - read this thread over on pprune:


            Enjoy your flying !! - we are all a long time dead as my old boss used to say.........





              After frustrating weeks of problems, brake changes (discs and pads) further fault finding that the right toe motor a bit soft on the left side and bedding in the discs, plus a few false starts as we wobbled down the taxiway,plus strong winds we finally got out of Chester.

              Thanks to Airbus Staff various for their patience and a special thanks to the guys at Chester Handling.

              Aircraft now at St Athan for an avionics upgrade, intercomm, second radio and mode S. Not going to give it a steerable tail wheel but wish Dornier had because a castoring one on Tarmac is a bitch

              After that hopefully off to a farm strip and hangar back up North.

              Notwithstanding the brake and crosswind issues the aeroplane is a pleasure to fly and growls along nicely at 100 kt while the world unfolds beneath. The view from all seats is great and with the rear doors up or off the pax have a metre square viewing window which we hope to use later in the year for another video.

              Costs now nudging 30k but we hope to enjoy it and feel it has been worth the grief and hassle to keep a D27 in the UK.

              As the previous posts says, you are long time dead, just not yet please God!


                Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-07 11.56.24.jpg
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ID:	3643702Click image for larger version

Name:	2012-12-07 11.56.33.jpg
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                Present radio and instrument layout


                  Re Colour scheme and permmission to fly in German colours. Whilst it was polite of you to write to the German Embassy surely the permission lies with the British CAA as IIRC you require a permit to fly wearing marking other than G-BMFG. Guess all the Spitfires have this permit and also the HA1112's which fly wearing non authentic Luftwaffe markings. Suggest you apply to the CAA and see what thier response is, sadly I expect they will take the view that you have been told no once , so it is still no. If that happens, and you really like paper work. taking contacting the German Air Force, maybe one of our German speaking friends can help with translation and deciding which office / department to contact. Best of luck. Paul


                    Hi I was surprised and disappointed but the colour scheme has become pushed down the list by getting the aircraft technically sorted which thus far included something close to a wing re skinning after corrosion cleaned out by the able team down at Hunter Flying, brakes, oleo and avionics.

                    The previous owner Dave was keen to put FG into Portuguese Colours and I am coming round to that idea as it flew in Africa and picked up at least three bullet holes neatly repaired by them in theatre. I personally liked the picture of a tired D27 in Belize on its way to Canada with a faded dark green colour scheme.

                    The aeroplane has character and I do not really want it flashed up in a neat sharp colour scheme, something under stated and plain will work better. But money tight so paint a bit down the line, will put the letter up in a day or two, felt that having said no best not to push the Germans...


                      Cadman -you need permission from the relevant German authorities to wear their military markings . This is then presented to the CAA and they decide from there.


                        Hi All

                        Due to my technical ineptitude and file size could not upload scanned copy of letter but text below. Please do not bombard him/them with comments as paint job fast going into next years to do list and want to get the aircraft to Seething for a CofA deadline of 26 May.

                        Flight Sergeant J. Pauli
                        Tel. 0044-20-78 241-388
                        Fax 0044-20-78 241-390
                        28 November 2012

                        Dear Captain Wood
                        I have received the final answer from Germany regarding your request of giving you the
                        permission of using Luftwaffe colour scheme for your aircraft.

                        I am afraid that I do have to communicate that the German Federal Ministry of Defence
                        (FmoD) can't give permission to mark the aircraft with its original Luftwaffe colour scheme
                        due to legal reasons.

                        In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
                        Yours sincerely


                          Just paint it in German colors, but leave the military serial off. Problem solved You might even get away with BM+FG in the serials place.
                          Magister Aviation
                          It's all in my book


                            Click image for larger version

Name:	photo_2[1].JPG
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                              Looking out the window at home and summer clearly gone for this year. The aircraft has been subject to various engineering issues surrounding the renewal of its C of A and although I believe they are close to being resolved the season is over. We hope to get it home to Cheshire next week and then perform some local flights subject to weather.

                              30k plus spent over the year for just 15 hours flying of which most was spent to and from Seething and St Athan.

                              Not sure what the aircraft is worth but even a low end value suggests so far it costs about 1000 an hour to operate!


                                Originally posted by Dornier View Post

                                Not sure what the aircraft is worth but even a low end value suggests so far it costs about 1000 an hour to operate!
                                Ouch, why buy the Dornier? It's a STOL but do you need one? Sorry just playing devils advocate.


                                  Strange question! If economics were a concern there would be hardly any vintage aircraft in the skies ! The majority of these machines are flown for fun with little chance of a return!


                                    Dornier, hopefully things will now settle down and your bills reduce substantially... Have you thought of taking her to the odd shows for the static line up, you may get cheaper fuel possibly and appearance fee etc that will offset some of the costs and get you in for free, without queuing.


                                      Hi all, will try to answer some questions. I did buy the Dornier from the previous owner Dave but only for a token amount because he had grown fed up with the hassles of ownership and I can understand why. In fairness the guys at Hunter Flying did a great job of opening up the wing and clearing out the corrosion. Rex Ford a good engineer but the CAA dictates and the hassle of paperwork and delays endless.

                                      When it comes to aircraft ownership it's not about head but rather an emotional attachment and in my case saw one years ago in the Deutche Musueum Munichand liked it.

                                      We picked up the aircraft yesterday, started well chugged out of Saint Athan up to Sleap where we dropped in for a tea and to pay membership subs. Then a quick twenty minute hop to Ashcroft farm, bit nervous about the first landing but only used about half the strip in the end as I came in low and slow. Confidence builder as I can add a few more knots for next time.

                                      Dragging the one tonne Dornier into a hangar back breaking though so will need a rope and tackle next time. Doors played up so another twenty minutes carefully playing with them until they shut. Will drop in for fuel at Sleap fom time to time and plan to plod around the NW weather permitting.

                                      Aircraft burns about 60 litres in the cruise at 90kts but can carry four so a reasonably practical old bird but quite challenging to fly and a pig in a crosswind on Tarmac. Best kept into wind on grass where it stops in 200m.


                                        Good to have more news from the sharp end of vintage aircraft operation!

                                        It is great to know that there are people out willing and able to keep interesting, unusual, challenging and often expensive aircraft in the air; and even better, keep the rest of us up to speed with your progress!

                                        Great job!
                                        Listening out for something interesting approaching...


                                          Glad you are back in action, and hope that your hourly expenditure rate now falls dramatically !