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Part No 715 "What are they from?"

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  • sopwith.7f1
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    • Jan 2011
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    Part No 715 "What are they from?"

    I have the very rear end of a fuselage, it appears to be a welded steel tube fuselage.
    The only part numbers I can find on it are suffixed with H715, eg 5H715, 14H715, there is also a small inspection stamp that starts with RY.
    Would this mean that it is off of an Avro of some type that was built at Yeadon ?, the H prefix would suggest they are fin/rudder & tail parts.
    One Thought was that it might be Anson, but not sure what the part numbers are for it.

    Any Ideas ?.

    Bob T.
  • Alan Clark
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    • Jan 2005
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    Almost certainly Anson, RY is the stamp for Avro Yeadon and those reference numbers are in the format that Avro (and others in the HS Group) used.
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