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Drop tanks / belly tanks

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  • p.38
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    • Apr 2012
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    canberra wing tank

    still seeking a canberra wing tank, any leads? thanks chaps.


    • J Boyle
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      • Oct 2004
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      Originally posted by Stepwilk View Post
      When I was flying Cessna 310s and 400-series twins, we called them tuna tanks, because that's what they were shaped like. Unless you have a fish for a driver...
      If I recall my old Flying magazine articles correctly, "Tuna" tanks were the flat-sided tanks on the early 310s (through the "F" model) only. Starting in 1962 the 310/320 and subsequent 400 series Cessnas went to the canted tanks. Unlike the "tuna" tanks which were mounted at mid-tank level (like a T-33) they were at a 30 degree angle and were supposed to improve lateral and directional stability.

      Back to the topic at hand, they'd be too small to make a belly tank "lakester" out of.

      There are F-16 tanks offered in Trade-A-Plane...and they should be easily obtainable in Europe.
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      • baloffski
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        • Mar 2009
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        Tornado Drop tanks here:

        Though these are the 1500 ltr versions which are made from Phenolic Asbestos which would be a ****** to cut and may cause some consternation in the H&S world.

        Better the 2250 ltr 'Big Jugs' but they are like rocking horse manure. Stainless Steel and a far bit of room in them for a monster engine.
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