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F-101 Voodoo history and anecdotes

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  • J Boyle
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    Originally posted by pagen01 View Post
    I would consider the single seat F-101 (as opposed to the original concept of the XF-88) combat variants to be tailored towards long-range high-performance tactical nuclear or conventional strike aircraft for Tactical Air Command, similar to the F-105..
    The official USAF history* indicates that as early as March 1952, McDonnell suggested the aircraft be configured as a strike aircraft in addition to the SAC requirement. (This somewhat contradicts the "conventional wisdom" that the strike model was a last-minute switch to find a role for the type after the SAC escort fighter cancellation in 1956).
    TAC was happy to get something faster than the F-84F currently in that role (although the As and Cs were limited to nuclear strike only) and McDonnell was happy for the business.
    The RF-101 came about around December of 1956 when the RF-104 and RF-105 concepts were cancelled.
    Since 101As has a lighter airframe limited to 6.33-Gs, I guess it made sense to convert the type to recce so the fuinal bacth of As were scheduled to come off the line as RFs.

    Originally posted by pagen01 View Post
    The 102 & 106 were more in line for ADC as long-range stand off interceptors, as were the two seat F-101Bs, complete with the SAGE ground control system and Falcon missiles.
    Exactly....there wass no need to dogfight the 101B, it was going to face bombers. BTW: Anyone know if the Soviets ever planned to have long range escort fighters accompany their bombers? I've never heard of any plans to do so.

    *Encyclopedia of U.S. Air Force Aircraft and Missile Systems, Vol. 1 Post World War II Fighters, by M.arcelle Knaack. 1978
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    • pagen01
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      This is an old ink dot pic I did of a F-101A, possibly the one pictured earlier at Edwards AFB.

      ...which kind of reminded me that the Voodoo did carry 4 x M39 cannon originally, seem to think that one of the cannons was usually removed for some reason, nav kit or something?
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      • lindoug
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        What a great drawing!
        Sorry I'm a bit late with this........been on holiday in the south of France, in the Cold and the rain!!
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        • Flying-A
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          For some nice F-101A film footage, check out the episode "Operation Mushroom" in the Steve Canyon television series, available on DVD from


          • donno21
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            • Dec 2008
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            F-101 Voodoo History and anecdotes

            As a flt line mech in ADC in the early 60's, we were trained on cross servicing of all ADC types. We often serviced "Deuces and "Voodoos all though we were a "Dart unit. This included our Brothers to the North,CAF. I dont recall any real oddities with the "One-Oh-Wonder" besides refueling sequence and the rotary weapons door which allmost ate a MX guy one day. Stayed well away from the intakes at all times. Loved the Dzus fastners, we had Camloks.


            • bearoutwest
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              USAF F-101B mentions

              Just been reading the book "MiG Alley to Mu Ghia Pass" which is essentially the operational history of Cecil G. Foster. It's a light read (148pp trade paperback) about a Korean War F-86 ace, who also flew F-4 from Danang during the Vietnam conflict. In between, he commanded a F-101B squadron (29th FIS) in the continental USA. The F-101 only occupies 2 short chapters in the book, but does include mention of emergency deployment during the Cuban Missile Crisis with nuclear weapons (Genie Air-to-Air "rockets", unguided so not really missiles). It's more anecdotal, as told from the author's viewpoint, rather than a technical analysis, but all the same very readable on a bus ride in the morning.

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