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Today, I have mostly been.....

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  • Rocketeer
    trying harder
    • Jan 2005
    • 5243

    Yesterday, finally sourced, restored and fitted a pair of upper engine mount lugs to the Spit firewall of my Mk5
    Tony Dyer


    • Blue_2
      YAM Meteor spanner monkey
      • Feb 2010
      • 5006

      Yesterday, helping to persuade the wings of a Buccaneer to fold. And inflating ALL the tyres on the Victor!
      Restoring Meteor NF.14 WS788, one rusty nail at a time...


      • richw_82
        White Knuckle Airlines
        • Nov 2009
        • 1680

        Yesterday, enjoying the privilege of access to Shackleton WL795, at St Mawgan. Yet another Shackleton looked after by a small group of dedicated people on a tiny budget.

        Then to follow that visiting spitfireman and being shown around his collection.
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        • pagen01
          St Mawganphile
          • Aug 2007
          • 10711

          Not bad down sarf is it Rich!

          I've just got the final paint on my Sea Vixen FAW.1 observers fwd panel (AN).
          It was difficult to decide whether to conserve or restore, unfortunately on close inspection there were some areas of serious corrosion that would require more than a good clean, so it was rubbed down, corrosion treated, pitted areas filled, filler primer coated, and finally painted. It is just the shiney side of how it should be really, but the matt spray looked awful and wrong.
          Almost all the wording seems to have been printed directly to the panel, and the corrosion had got under most of this and where the switches etc fit.
          This means I will have to reapply the lettering with Letraset and then recoat in clear lacquer- which will be tedious!
          After that the fun job of refitting the switches and instruments!


          • David Burke
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Jan 2000
            • 10028

            Mostly fixing Black Hawk '676' and Apache '007'


            • Rockhopper
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Sep 2010
              • 163

              Originally posted by Blue_2 View Post
              Yesterday, helping to persuade the wings of a Buccaneer to fold. And inflating ALL the tyres on the Victor!

              And i was watching you (maybe?) !!
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              • Wyvernfan
                • Oct 2007
                • 5891

                Deciding to finally tackle a very seized seat pan height adjuster on a MB seat. To make matters worse the bolts from the handle base had already been sheared off, and the release button on the handle itself was seized solid inside. Well at least now the bolts have been drilled out, the mechanism has been dismantled and greased, and the seat pan can now be moved up and down on its sliders. But the bl**dy release button is still stuck inside the height adjusting handle. Looks like a few days soaked in WD40 is in order, as frustratingly i cannot get enough leverage inside the opposite end to help it out.
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