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Who Knows About Chainsaws?

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  • Richard Andrews
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    • Aug 2018
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    Who Knows About Chainsaws?

    Hi, everyone. I need to buy a chainsaw. But I do not understand them at all. I read many articles, I found out on two companies stihl and husqvarna. I`m read it here STIHL vs Husqvarna - Which is the Best Chainsaw Brand to Buy in 2018?. Help with the model of these firms. Thank you in advance!
    If you are looking for the best chainsaw in the market, but you are stuck between STIHL vs. Husqvarna, this is the right place. We have compared the two brands in detail to find out who’s the winner.
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  • Wokka Bob
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    • Jun 2011
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    Do you really need a chainsaw?

    Do you value your life & limbs?

    If you wish to take my advice:

    Do not get a chainsaw without proper training and the correct personal protection equipment (PPE).

    You can then get the correct advice on what type & make of chainsaw that would best suit your needs.

    I grew up with chainsaws and was taught by some very professional individuals. Until recently I could have started using a chainsaw again but didnt. Not confident enough for my own good let alone those working around me. My fellow volunteer has recently taken 2 courses that have given him an intermediate ticket (qualification). As he says he still has a lot to learn.


    • 1batfastard
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      • Jan 2013
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      Hi All,
      Agree with Wokka Bob , I would add that ask yourself are you likely to use it often once purchased ? Myself I was taught by our local council on a coarse while on a government work scheme that involved land management so a chainsaw was needed. (It may be worth checking out your local council for a similar coarse) All the kit is there for a reason and despite what some say and do you'd be daft not to wear it, you never know it may be that one in a million accident happens when you use the saw so better safe than sorry on that score.

      As for which brand I would go for Stihl pretty much well known for reliability,durability and ease of maintenance. Again don't forget it depends on what you intend for its use as they come with many bar lengths and engine sizes, also another idea would be to weigh up how much to employ a professional (if it's a one time job) against the cost of the chainsaw and all the tackle needed for a safe work environment ?

      One last bit of advice do not buy an electric chainsaw they are just not up to snuff on most jobs.....



      • SurreyAir
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        • Jun 2018
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        Get a professorial in to do the job properly.
        Both Stihl & Husqvarna make good chainsaws, depend what you train on to what you use in the future.
        Chainsaw protection trousers 300, Chainsaw Boots 200, Chainsaw Gloves 40, Chainsaw Combi Hat 50 plus CS30 & CS31 chainsaw training. Total = 1.5k+

        I have not used a chainsaw professionally for 20 years and would not try to use one without all the PPE mentioned above as a minimum.
        They are very dangerous to use even when highly trained, avoid and get a NCH Arb or NDH Arb trained arborist in to do the job.


        • Richard Andrews
          Rank 1 Registered User
          • Aug 2018
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          Not all tips were helpful but thanks. And what about the circular saw, there will be tips?
          Something like that with a table ? and how to work with such a saw?
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