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Where should my holiday destination be when I retire?

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    Where should my holiday destination be when I retire?

    I'll likely be retired in about 7 years, so I'm starting to save up now for a big trip. I'm either thinking a long cruise/private jet flight/road trip.

    Who's got some interesting ideas for unusual places or must-do trips?

    Hi All,
    I would opt for a few cruises where everything is at your request, nothing to worry about just enjoy the experiences. If you want a more intimate
    retirement then the obvious choice is a Rd Trip more likely several ? either by car or bike. As for a private jet you would still need to organise
    accommodation/Food and Transport on top of the expense of the jet hire, you cant do what you want when in a private jet on a cruise or Rd Trip you can.

    Cruise:-Enjoy the weather/Nice Restaurants/Gamble if you choose/Go for a swim/Shop all the time while heading to a new destination.

    Rd Trip:-As above either by Car/Bike or Camper just buy a map take a stab and go or plan a route going exactly where you want at your leisure.

    Private Jet:-Take Off land then organise any of the above.

    At the end of the day it's all down to you but I would say value for money would be the deciding factor, obviously money no object Private Jet all the way...

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      With a road trip or a cruise the trip is about the trip...a Bizjet flight where you're simply a passenger is pretty much like an airline flight...most of it is just spending time getting there.

      Yes a bizjet is fun (I've done across country in a Lear) but ultimately it's just another jet.

      Now a flight, whether in a J-3 or Gulfstream, where YOU are flying (or co-piloting if you don't have the license/rating) it, that's a different matter.

      If it was my money, before I spent a lot if money on a jet, I'd consider hiring a less grand aircraft where I could sit up front and take part (in some degree) in the actual flying experience.

      I'd rather fly right seat in a chartered Beaver (or whatever) going around Canada or Alaska (or Africa/Australia or wherever) for a few days as opposed to spending the same amount for less time in a jet and being relegated to the back cabin.

      We did a Alaska cruise on an upscale line and I really enjoyed it. And opposed to a jet, I'd imagine you'll have funds left over for deluxe excursions when ashore...I sat right seat in a Turbo-Otter over glaciers and fjords.

      Of course everyone has different tastes and expectations. And as I'm sure you realize, you can have a great time without spend that much money.
      Two of the best holidays I've had were attending historic car events in the upper middle America (not exactly a happening place, no one will ever confuse it with the Cote d'Azure). The experience of driving my vintage roadsters around the Indianapolis track on one trip, or picking up a new (to me) sports car in Chicago and driving it home across the vast and lonely plains and huge mountains (and visiting a few aviation sites), was a great experience.
      I've been looked down upon by a bison who wasn't happy about sharing the road and surrounded by a herd of mustangs (the wild horses, not the aircraft or automobile). In short, the journey was the holiday.

      So, figure out what you want to do and experience and plan accordingly.
      Have fun!
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        In 7 years, a trip to mars might be a real possibility by then. Oh, you want to return home afterwards, that might be problematic. A cruise does not appeal to me and the list of things to do on a ship seems limited. Also why are the ships so big. The photos of them tide up in Venice seem sacrilege to me. We flew to Las Vegas spent a few nights there, then hired a car and drove to LA via Monument valley and Grand canyon, stopping overnight as necessary, all pre-booked from UK. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. You might like to be self sufficiency or very active, even dangerous. Then again you might prefer to hire a cottage in the lakes for six months and write that book.