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An Evening Bimble Around West London ~ 07May18

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    An Evening Bimble Around West London ~ 07May18

    With wall to wall blue sky and a record temperature predicted (eventually reached 28.7C @ Northolt) for an early May Bank Holiday Monday, Travelodge doing cheap-ish hotel rooms on a weekday and the tide being in, it was an opportunity too good not to miss for an evening photo shoot around London. I went a bimbling to west London as far as Chelsea Bridge as now the tower cranes were down I wanted to get some shots of Donald Trump’s favorite building in London. The New American Embassy. Having photographed the old Covent Garden, I wanted to get some shots of the facade of the New Covent Garden but there was too much street furniture in the away for anything decent and then the entrance to the Channel 4 building but that had a bit of scaffolding around it. Definitely a night shoot target that one.

    International Seafarers Memorial. A seven metre high, ten tonne bronze sculpture to the world’s seafarers - past, present and future. International Maritime Organization Headquarters, Albert Embankment.

    New American Embassy, Nine Elms. The sails on the east, south and west of the building act as sun shades.

    The north face is a glass wall. As the sun doesn’t get around that far.

    Facade to the New Covent Garden in Nine Elms.

    Flats at the Battersea Power Station development reflecting in the Howard Building on the other side of the Grosvenor Rail Bridge.

    The building site that once was Battersea Power Station.

    ‘Sigrid of Chelsea’, classed as a Gentleman’s Motor Yacht that was built in 1925 and between 1940 & 1945 was requisitioned by the Royal Navy.

    Channel 4 headquarters has been on Horseferry Road since 1994 and the 50ft tall ‘Big 4’ sculpture was erected in 2016 and the 4 can only been seen complete when viewed head on.

    The Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben, is now completely encased in scaffolding and the only clock face showing…..

    … the south facing dial.

    Sony a6300 CSC + Sony E16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens

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