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    Idly scrolling through You Tube, came across this youtuber, sounded interesting, took a look, wish I hadn't, how do these people come up with their raving conspiracy theories? babbling on about ghostly planes, spraying, planes that aren't planes but some mysterious UFO, clouds that are aircraft or alien craft of some sort, wouldn't mind but all the video that I saw was clearly normal, not the slightest bit mysterious or paranormal.

    Sadly we share the world with these fruit loops.

    If you want to avoid the crazies out there, stay away from YouTube!

    However, not that everyone carries a colour video camera (in the form of a cell phone) 24/7, how will the conspiracy nuts explain the lack of proof?

    It's probably not a coincidence but I haven't heard of too many UFO/bigfoot sightings lately. They must know everyone has a camera.
    There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


      Thought I'd stepped into some sort of parallel universe, not to be repeated


        Without wishing to sound too flippant, a lot of these conspiracy theorists simply suffer from paranoid delusions and other mental illness. Youtube is generally bad news as it confirms that these people exist, aren't getting the help they need and generally walk among us.


          Hi All,
          The main trouble with the serious UFO/Alien craft sightings are the fakers, all they do is detract from the genuine side of the subject. People who think
          UFO's do not exist are just kidding themselves. Many think UFO is the same as Alien spacecraft which is often where a l lot of allegations of Nutters/Oddballs/Idiots/Mad people and anything else you can term as people just not with it accusing of whatever instead of trying to understand.

          There is a serious side to all the sightings of UFO's apart from Military/Civil Experimental aircraft never mind Drones/Gliders/Odd shaped Hot air
          balloons etc.etc.etc
          . If people do not recognise something flying then it's simple! it's UFO It doesn't mean it's not of this world it's
          just a generic term used by those who either hate those who believe in extra-terrestrial craft, will not accept other possibilities, Closed minds open mouths
          seems to be the normal reaction instead of accepting a different point of view questioning what we are told sadly because it upsets their perfectly balanced world.

          After all some of the most intelligent people on earth have had encounters or saw them and reported to their own credibility being belittled by those who don not want to believe These all cannot be wrong over the years unless they are all suffering from a collective mental breakdown by mass sightings Here are just a few of credibles :- Civilian Pilots/Air force Pilots/Army and Navy personnel,other public service branches Police/Firemen/Ambulance men/Doctors etc.etc.etc.

          The list goes on and on for those who have experienced this most of all perplexing of experiences, not just something they have witnessed flying and are unable to explain logically, but other associated phenomenon that accompanies many Alien craft and UFO encounters.

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            But this is not someone who has witnessed something they cannot explain. This is someone who explains everything they see in the sky - including aircraft and clouds - as some vast conspiracy, unburdened by logic. As an example from this guy, his video of an airliner looking completely normal is titled 'Fake plane being used to see if you can tell the difference'.

            It is harmless enough in itself. Yes it probably means the individual might need help on other areas, but then posting on youtube does not mean they are not getting it, of course.
            It's all good. Probably.


              UFOs are exactly what they say on the tin: unidentified! If a BA Captain can't identify what they see then they saw a UFO by default. It doesn't have to be anything exotic; it is really only the conspiracy theorists and the overly impressionable that scrabble for the most outlandish explanations. I'm always surprised that 1950s - 1980s UFO 'contactees' are reasonably well known, and were given media coverage back in the day. They also snapped clear, lucid photographs of UFOs using only primitive technology.

              George Adamski:

              Paul Villa:

              Billy Meier:

              None of these photographs stand up to any sort of scrutiny, but these hoaxers were granted book deals, media appearances, interviews galore. Part of me wonders if these guys were unwittingly (or otherwise) exploiting a sort of pervasive Cold War paranoia that gripped the era. The threat was out there, and it was coming to mess with us in shiny chrome spacecraft. I consider if it no coincidence that the appearance of these flying saucers has aged badly; they look exactly like what the future looked like in the '60s and '70s, with their domes and chromed fairings.

              In an era where most people carry a good-enough quality camera in their pockets, in the form of smart phones, it is odd that nobody is photographing UFOs with such a level of detail and lucidity in 2017. The number of people with access to photographic equipment has increased exponentially, and not just in the West.


                Hi All,
                Meddle - Those photos are just typical examples used to bump up the non believers proof that all the non terrestrial UFO's are a fake story, I would
                say the Adamski one has a question mark over it, it is one of many he is have alleged to have taken. I have read his book that the photo is part of and will
                admit though there are certain times while reading it that his statements don't match up. So the jury is open on him as far as I am concerned but I lean
                towards the edge of falsifying evidence to build on something he genuinely thought happened to him sadly.

                The second two are clearly fakes, the top alleged photo must be very small just look at the foliage around the background!!!!! The second is even more
                ridiculous the alleged ship hovering over whatever on the ground (Itself casting its own shadow), so if this enormous craft was real it would clearly block
                out any light and that would prevent a shadow of whatever is on the ground casting one. It looks like what it is a model in very close range with
                everything else set in the background in an attempt to increase the models size....

                Sadly it's people who report these type of fake evidence that get everybody (the sceptic's) else who believes in extra-terrestrial life visiting this planet and just dumps everyone in the same category never mind who you are or how professional you are we are all deemed the same idiots etc.etc.etc.....