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Why Why why do they keep doing this? BBC TV programmes

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    Why Why why do they keep doing this? BBC TV programmes

    I used to enjoy this series, it happens now with the Antiques Roadshow too.

    Why Oh Why do they keep announcing ahead of the show that they have discovered XYZ, What is the point of watching the paper trail if you know the result....

    The painstaking manner in which the overpaint and centuries of residue will be told in this week's episode of the BBC series Britain’s Lost Masterpieces.

    Common practice across the board. There is a insatiable need in the media to preview everything from TV programmes to political speeches and announcements. Why? Who knows?


      Hi All,
      TonyT I know how you feel matey my bugbear are the car restoration,custom series always showing glimpses of the finished article in the
      titles before they have even bought the car or started the programme waste of time IMHO the producers need to be fired.

      People watch these type of programmes to view the find restoration/custom then admire the work that has gone into the finished article....



        There was a great episode of Mythbusters where they were trying to see if it was possible to make a lead balloon fly.
        As they cut to the adverts the commentator says "come right back to see if our lead ballon flys or is a total failure".
        Then they showed the advert titles which showed a lead balloon sereenly floating through the air!