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Acid attacks

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    So far as point scoring or, indeed anything else for that matter, you're always 'wide of the mark'. How can you reconcile the presence of police, escorting so-called celebrities for no readily apparent worthwhile reason with that of the necessary protection of Govt. members ?

    Tony T says it in a nutshell.



      your #17

      Here is the answer to your question regarding distinction. You'll have to do a little digging. Once you've dug, you'll have a much better understanding of my continuous distaste for lefties and their nauseous doctrines and consequently you'll emerge as a better more rounded individual with a much improved grasp of the differences.

      Here we go: Look up the philosophical distinctions between Aristotelian and Platonic thinking.



        If labour are so good then why>>


          Unfortunately John, these nauseous doctrines are not solely a product of the left. A quick rummage through the history books will show similar at the right end of the spectrum.


            Not point scoring or even trying to do, merely pointing out that if there is a possibility of conduct arising which could give rise to anti-social or even criminal activity, the police will, where possible be on hand to prevent or diffuse the situation, in reality I think it is a sad reflection on society that this level of protection is felt necessary, of course as far as government is concerned or indeed any large gathering, this will become a target for terrorists.

            You will notice that criminals guilty of particularly evil crimes also get police protection as they enter or leave courts, don't approve of their protection, but do realise that walking these people out to a hostile crowd would certainly create a difficult situation.

            Possibly your complaint is when those receiving cover from the police are so called "celebrities".
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              Tony T

              You will also notice that this young lady has suffered abuse from alleged supporters of other political parties, it is totally wrong, but sadly in our world today it would appear that personal abuse and threats are part and parcel of any form of public life, particularly from behind keyboards.

              She has been accused of bias, however providing she reports facts, no-one can really complain.


                Following your answer; certain situations seem to provoke more of a response from the police than others. Perhaps being slightly uncharitable, it seems easier to get a police response when there are TV cameras present and working, rather than to get any interest in investigating a suburban house burglary.

                The point to be made is, why should the taxpayer foot the bill for shepherding celebrities when they can well afford to do this for themselves ?


                  John Green

                  Your last point I would agree with, but our police do not allow private security to take an active role on the streets, perhaps these celebs should pay the police?


                    ..and if we had proper progressive taxation, they would.
                    It's all good. Probably.



                      So an acid ban it is, nothing mentioning Alcalines or the likes of lime etc.... I suppose if you are a 17 year old driver in need of a new battery you are stuffed. It might make it more dificult to get hold of it, but plenty of dead batteries filled with the stuff lying around... The point is I am making is you ban one substance, they move onto another. You would be better off and it may be more effective if an attack with a corrosive substance etc is an instant life term and life means life.


                        Tony your last sentence is correctly specific. Banning corrosive substances ? What effect will that have ? Various exotic drug substances have been banned for years. Result ? The streets are currently awash with these destroyers of lives. Criminals will always find a way to indulge their evil instincts.

                        What is needed is an effective and empowered judiciary able to hand out whole life terms for this most awful of crimes.


                          "Whole life"? sometimes end of life terms would appear to be the only way to stop such heinous crimes.