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    I guess it was inevitable that once he was no longer leader and having to pretend to be a statesman his true colours would show.....


      Nothing too trivial for the bankrupt (because few buy it) rag to feature. On a point of accuracy, I've always understood that Hjalmar Schacht was the German finance minister - or, one of them.
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        A 'Far Right' rally eh?

        It always makes me chuckle when UKIP and the like are referred to as the 'far right' by the lefty press and voters.

        So what does that make the BNP and Britain First then?

        (Funny how the mainstream media has forgotten about these parties, which before Brexit were always labeled and considered to be far right?)




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        The most usless commodity in aerobatics is the amount of sky above you!


          No idea. Maybe it's the press who have realised that a) there are subtleties b) xenophobia isn't the sole preserve of the right and c) liberalism does not a leftie make any more than illiberaliism makes a righty.

          None of this 'makes' racists anything more or less than they already are
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          It's all good. Probably.



            Thanks for posting that clip. I don't think that Mutti will be quaking - more's the pity. AFD have some way to go, and the Germans have their own interpretation of the meaning of conservatism !


              Yes, thanks for posting. It did raise a much-needed laugh, seeing the kind of audience this 'populist' twit has been reduced to.

              Popular Front of Judea indeed. And what was his message? Ordinary German Workers.. blah.. need bilateral deals... blah...

              Yes Nigel. The sort that were in place until.. no, I can hear heads being rammed into sand.

              Oh yes, and criticise the press for trying to pull them out again.

              What on earth does 'Mainstream media' mean, anyway? As John likes to remind us gloatingly most Brits like to read anti-left and anti-liberal propaganda as the bulk of their current affairs intake. So it can't mean that.
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              It's all good. Probably.


                Farage's achievement was to frighten Cameron to call the ill judged referendum in the way he did, which incidentally was more to placate the swivel eyed mob in the Tory camp.

                Suppose you could call that a success, but now he has the popularity of scurvy or some other deficiency disease, unfortunately he is very much a promoter of deficiency, not particularly attached to the truth and with the charisma of last weeks salad, never liked the man, always struck me as a mouthy git more concerned with self promotion than anything else.

                Incidentally would have felt the same about the guy if he had been just as rabid pro-EU, pushing for greater union and more EU control, never had the slightest trust in the man.
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                  "mouthy git"

                  I see. So, he's just some sort of politician then ?
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                    Oh dear.....

                    Click image for larger version

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                    But as EU law is changing in 2019 to curb such activity it certainly explains his passion to leave the EU.
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                      Self-righteous media headline. But as we constantly have to remind ourselves he is doing nothing illegal. Tax avoidance has been practiced since taxes were created and continues to be so from the Farages of this world to the handyman paid in cash to avoid declaring his income.