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Theresa May and the Lib Dems 404 error page

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  • snafu
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    Theresa May and the Lib Dems 404 error page

    Theresa May is already showing that she cannot be trusted over words and actions.

    In 2007 she criticised Gordon Brown for having no mandate to be prime minister, and in a show of complete consistency she said prior to her coronation as Tory party leader:

    "There should be no general election until 2020."

    Many people are pointing out that she is guilty of largely the same charge, bearing in mind people voted in 2015 for a Conservative government and manifesto led by David Cameron.

    The Liberal Democrats have found an ingenious way of doing so, by changing the 404 page on their website.

    For example, if you type into your browser "", you will be greeted with this page:

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  • Meddle
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    • Sep 2014
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    Quite amusing, but I'm not sure the Lib Dems can claim this victory cleanly. According to the latest Private Eye, Clegg made the fixed term parliament one of his strictest conditions for entering into the coalition in 2010. As such we wound up with the Fixed Term Parliaments Act of 2011, which now makes a snap general election highly unlikely.

    It would be more unusual for a member of the opposition not to criticise an unelected leader over lack of mandate; it is simply what the opposition has to do.

    If you want to talk about conspicuous absences, where has Tim Farron been hiding for the last month?
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    • MrBlueSky
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      • TonyT
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        The last thing this country needs right now is a snap election, there needs to be a period of stability, it is one reason the markets and pound have started to recover, now we have a firm leadership in place.

        The ONLY reason the Liberal Dickocrates and the Labouring Party want a snap election is that they can gain seats for themselves, the good of the blo*dy country has squat to do with any of it!

        May... the farce be with you.


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