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    A Welsh rocker and a Troma actor...

    A Welsh rock ‘n’ roll stalwart who was a member of legendary rock outfit Racing Cars has died.

    Dave Land was the original bass player in the band who had great success in the ‘70s, scoring a hit with the song They Shoot Horses Don’t They?
    Toxic Avenger Actor Joe Fleishaker has passed away at the age of 62. He passed away on Monday at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. His brother Haskel told THR that the cause of death was most likely congestive heart failure.
    But not all obits were true:

    This week, a viral report spread through Twitter that the comic book legend had kicked the bucket, but like nearly all celebrity death reports of late, it was actually just a hoax originating from a site intended to fool readers.
    The reports of the Marvel Comic book writer came from a site called Cult of Buzz and was worded in a way to make readers think Lee had died.

    '“Legendary Marvel Comics Writer Stan Lee, 93, Dyes Peacefully In His West Hollywood Home
    “In a press release from his wife Joan Clayton Babcock Lee, it has been confirmed that the dark streaks you see in Lee’s hair are not natural.
    “‘Stan adores the public and loves all the fans. That being said he doesn’t like to discuss the fact that his hair is completely white now.'”


      A centenarian from Eastbourne who hit the headlines last year when he married on his 103rd birthday has passed away just days before reaching his 104th milestone.

      George Kirby died Wednesday, just 19 days short of his 104th birthday.
      Let's hope he died with a smile on his face, after a marriage that didn't quite last a year...!


        A day after one was shot another silverback leaves the party, plus an Oscar-winning animation artist.

        One of Dublin Zoos favourite visitor attractions, Harry the gorilla, has died.
        The zoo confirmed the very sad news on its Facebook page on Monday and said the western lowland gorilla had died on Sunday after a short illness. He was 29 years old and had fathered six offspring during his time at the zoo.
        Known as the silverback he was the leader of the gorilla troop.
        Harry was a very gentle and calm gorilla and he will be greatly missed by everyone at Dublin Zoo, the statement said.
        The animation world has lost a prodigious talent with the death of Makiko Futaki, a longtime Studio Ghibli animator who passed away on May 13 after an unspecified illness. Futaki collaborated on every one of Hayao Miyazaki's films, several of which are regarded as high-water marks of the entire genre: "My Neighbor Totoro," "Princess Mononoke," "Spirited Away" and many others. Futaki was 57 at the time of her passing.


          An Archer, and a sitcom writer.

          Actor Alan Devereux, who played the role of Sid Perks in the BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers for nearly 50 years, has died.
          The 75-year-old died of natural causes on Sunday after a short illness.

          TELEVISION writer Carla Lane - who created several popular sitcoms including The Liver Birds - died today aged 87.


            KIM KARDASHIAN DIED! Of a yeast infection, apparently.



              Nice one
              Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                A former Fleet Air Arm carrier pilot, author and professor, and a violinist in Fairport Convention.

                It is with much sadness I report the death of John Pain on 21st February. John has had a significant and unique association with Imperial College since 1954, until he retired in 1987 and this association continued until his death. John was born in February 1922. He spent the war years flying off aircraft carriers, with postings in the Arctic (escorting convoys to Russia), the Pacific and the Mediterranean (the southern part of the invasion of France in 1944) - amongst others. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and Bar. He also served as a Fighter Combat Instructor at the Fleet Air Arm Advanced Flying School at St. Merryn in Cornwall (considered to be the creme de la creme of training for the best pilots)...

                Folk musician Dave Swarbrick has died at 75, his family have announced. Best known for his work with the hugely influential folk group Fairport Convention, Swarbrick was a virtuosic violin player and one of the most highly regarded musicians of the 1960s folk revival. He also wrote, arranged and sang, and performed on the viola, mandolin and mandola, and guitar...



                  Some bloke who did a bit of boxing and a lot of boasting...;o)

                  Boxing legend Muhammad Ali - one of the world's greatest sporting figures - has died at the age of 74.
                  The former world heavyweight champion died late on Friday at a hospital in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, having been admitted on Thursday...

                  ...Asked how he would like to be remembered, he once said: "As a man who never sold out his people. But if that's too much, then just a good boxer.
                  "I won't even mind if you don't mention how pretty I was."...

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                    Ali is certainly a sporting legend. More so than the majority of today's overpaid "stars".
                    Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                      Originally posted by snafu View Post
                      Some bloke who did a bit of boxing and a lot of boasting...;o)
                      YEE HAW spoken like a true Redneck inbred!
                      I have kleptomania,But when it gets bad
                      I take something for it.


                        Takes to know one.

                        My tongue firmly in cheek quip was actually referring to his comment about how pretty he was but, as we all know, he never usually let an opportunity pass by without making a claim about his skill or what he was going to do - and invariably did - to his opponent. And I never said he lied, either.


                          Hi All,
                          The master of the rope a dope he floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee RIP Mohammed Ali.



                            Jack Black is NOT dead, no matter how you might feel it would improve his acting, and a Dutch Eurovision winner.

                            Jack’s rep said on Saturday, according to MediaMass: ‘He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimised by this hoax. He’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet.’

                            The first Dutch Eurovision winner, Corry Brokken, has passed away at the age of 83.



                              Muhammad Ali

                              Not my tribute but from Speedbird on Britmodeller who I agree with word for word.

                              Today the world has lost one of its greatest sports personality and a great ambassador for human kind. He was without doubt unequaled as a fighter grace, speed and agility were his hallmarks and I don't think anyone has surpassed him . As a human being he displayed all that is good. He was a gentleman, he was kind, his humour was infectious and above all he was a principled man who stuck to his beliefs regardless.. In later life he displayed great courage through out his illness and no doubt was a great role model to many.The world is a sadder place without him.. My thought and prayers go out to his family.
                              I have kleptomania,But when it gets bad
                              I take something for it.


                                Originally posted by paul178 View Post
                                YEE HAW spoken like a true Redneck inbred!
                                Spoken like a true English snob....
                                There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


                                  Snob? Just because I look down on inferior beings. I will get my Footmen to set the Hounds on you and keep your grubby colonial hands off the coachwork of my Bentley. Snob indeed I have serfs horse whipped for less.
                                  I have kleptomania,But when it gets bad
                                  I take something for it.


                                    British playwright and Oscar winner...

                                    The playwright Sir Peter Shaffer, whose critical and popular successes in the West End and Broadway included Equus, Amadeus, and The Royal Hunt of the Sun, has died in Ireland aged 90.

                                    His agent, Rupert Lord, said: “He was simply at the end of his life but delighted to have been able to celebrate his 90th birthday with friends and then, I think, decided it was time.”



                                      ALF has died, as has Judy Jetson's voice, the creator of the beehive, an actress you probably knew on sight than by name, and a defected grandmaster.

                                      Mihaly "Michu" Meszaros, the 33-inch-tall actor and former circus star who played the title role in the 1980s sitcom "ALF," has died, his manager told ABC News today.

                                      Janet Waldo, who provided the voice of Judy Jetson on the show "The Jetsons," has died, ABC News has confirmed.

                                      Lucy Lee, Waldo's daughter, confirmed that the actress died on Sunday morning.

                                      According to Lee, Waldo had been diagnosed with a benign but inoperable brain tumor five years ago.

                                      Margaret Vinci Heldt, who became a hairstyling celebrity after she created the famous beehive hairdo in 1960, has died at age 98.

                                      Ahlgrim Funeral Home in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst said on Monday that Heldt died on Friday at a senior living community.

                                      Mary MacLeod, who has died aged 78, was a prolific character actor whose face was more familiar than her name. She left her most lasting impression in two of the establishment-baiting films of the director Lindsay Anderson.

                                      First, she secured herself a place in screen history when she played the housemasters wife Mrs Kemp in the private school satire If . (1968), starring Malcolm McDowell, in which she walked naked down a corridor and into the boys dormitory. It was only the second time that the British Board of Film Censors, as it was then named, had passed full-frontal female nudity (the first was in Blow-Up in 1966). The BBFC did a trade-off, agreeing to allow this in exchange for the deletion of male full-frontal nudity from a shower scene.

                                      Viktor Korchnoi, who has died aged 85, was a chess grandmaster who defected from the Soviet Union, then twice challenged the USSRs Anatoly Karpov for the world title. Their first contest, in 1978 in the Philippines, was the most bizarre in championship history, bitterly fought on and off the board.



                                        Ann Croft, widow of David Croft OBE (co-writer, director and producer of Dad's Army, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Hi-De-Hi, You Rang M'Lord and many other classic TV series) and herself a well known agent to many British actors, and mother of actress Penny Croft, has died. Her most recent work was as producer to the terrible remake movie of Dad's Army.
                                        Wings Over Cambridge - Cambridge's and New Zealand's Contribution to the Wartime Air Forces

                                        Wings Over New Zealand Forum


                                          A guitarist who sessioned and toured with quite a few groups...

                                          Henry McCullough, a rock guitarist who performed with Wings and Jimmy Hendrix, has died, aged 72.

                                          The Northern Irish musician, who died on Tuesday morning, toured and recorded with Paul McCartney and Wings in the 1970s. He was invited to join the band following a number of jamming sessions with McCartney, going on to play guitar on Wings’ hit Bond theme 'Live and Let Die'.

                                          But it was McCullough's guitar solo on Wings track ‘My Love’ which secured his place in rock history and gave him his first joint US no.1.