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    Goodbye to the world's oldest hound, who lived to the equivalent of over 200 human years old...

    Maggie the Kelpie, an Australian dog that was possibly the oldest canine in the world, has died.

    Owner Brian McLaren, a dairy farmer in Woolsthorp, Victoria, confirmed the news to The Weekly Times.

    “She was 30 years old, she was still going along nicely last week, she was walking from the dairy to the office and growling at the cats and all that sort of thing,” he told the newspaper, adding that the dog has started deteriorating two days previously...


      Just heard Victoria Wood has passed away after a short battle with cancer. In my opinion a very funny and talented lady. R.I.P.


        She has indeed.


          I'm of the opinion that the deaths of so many talented people this year is a warning from the future - they are all taking the exit door because after Trump gets elected President there will be no point in being clever, just talk loudly and wear a bad syrup,
          plain old vanilla


            Don't be silly, they're just exiting the EU before the UK does.
            There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


              I wasn't one of her greatest fans, but she was ok.
              I remember first seeing her when she made the occasional appearance on Bill Grundy's 6pm
              programme on ITV. Usually singing a satirical song at the piano.
              Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                Battle of Britain (1969) fans will be said to hear that Guy Hamilton has died, aged 93.
                Wings Over Cambridge - Cambridge's and New Zealand's Contribution to the Wartime Air Forces

                Wings Over New Zealand Forum


                  So will James Bond fans...



                    Another name that some of a certain age (and interest) may have heard of...

                    (CNN)Joan Laurer, the groundbreaking female wrestler known as Chyna, has died.

                    Police in Redondo Beach, California, confirm that Laurer, 45, was found dead in her apartment on Wednesday. Police say they were notified by a friend who went to check on her and found Laurer unresponsive. The cause of death is under investigation, but police say there are no signs of foul play.



                      prince has passed away now-

                      Sometimes it's better to be a bumblebee than it is to be Professor Heinkel.


                        Originally posted by Dr Strangelove View Post
                        I wonder how many mourning his death, can name any of his songs ?
                        Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                          He was a weird bloke but a damn good guitarist, 2016 'the year of the dead celeb' ??
                          Hertfordshire Airfields Memorial Group

                          Hunsdon, Sawbridgeworth and Matching Green airfields..


                            Originally posted by ~Alan~ View Post
                            I wonder how many mourning his death, can name any of his songs ?
                            Well if they couldn't at lunchtime they will know them all by tomorrow lunchtime - I can no longer get Planet Rock on my DAB but I suspect even they will have dusted off one or two by then. That said, I suspect that Radio 3 and Classic FM would have a little difficulty giving him context to their remit...


                              That's bit of a shock, being as young as he was.
                              There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


                                Doris Roberts also passed away the other day.. (Mrs Miracle)

                                Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                                  Nope, not heard of her, unlike this great of yesteryear...

                                  Choppers – the last surviving chimpanzee from the PG Tips adverts – has died aged 48.

                                  Twycross Zoo said the remaining character from the “tea chimps” was put down by staff after she began to display signs of heart and liver failure.

                                  Known for her performances as Ada in the PG Tips commercials, which ran from the 1960s through until 1980, Choppers became the last surviving member of the troop after her cohabitant at the zoo, Louis, died in 2014.

                                  The chimpanzees also appeared in a number of children’s shows, including Tiswas and Blue Peter.

                                  They were often dressed up in clothes and filmed acting out messy tea parties, with lip-syncing voice-overs recorded by the likes of actor Peter Sellers and comedian Bob Monkhouse.

                                  While the commercials proved popular with TV audiences, Twycross Zoo ended its advertising agreement in the 1980s over concerns of animal cruelty.

                                  Animal experts at the zoo later admitted the use of the apes was wrong, but chimpanzees from abroad continued to appear in tea adverts up until 2003.

                                  Choppers was taken in by Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire, after being brought to Britain by a couple who had rescued her from poachers in Liberia.

                                  Although she spent her twilight years in a shared enclosure with other chimps, she was known to prefer solitude, often shunning other apes in favour of human company.

                                  A statement released by Twycross Zoo said staff and visitors had been “saddened” by Choppers’s death, adding that she was a “well-known” and “much-loved chimp”.

                                  “Choppers recently became ill, showing signs of heart and liver failure, and despite the best efforts of the zoo’s veterinary team her health declined and the difficult decision to put her to sleep was made on Wednesday,” it continued.

                                  “She will be sadly missed by all staff at the zoo, as well as her numerous fans.”

                                  Choppers made her final TV performance in January last year, when she featured in a Channel 5 documentary looking back on the “tea chimps” and their lives in commercials.

                                  Oh 2016, why are you depleting our reservoir of fame and genuine talent...?


                                    Papa Wemba has died on stage (collapsing rather than getting a poor reception).

                                    The influential Congolese music star Papa Wemba has died after collapsing on stage in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, media reports say...



                                      American soul singer Billy Paul has died.

                                      He was best known for his 1972 hit Me and Mrs Jones, which won a Grammy award and reached number one in the US

                                      In addition 2016 has become so bad that celebs have started 're-dying':

                                      Terry Nutkins has diedin 2012: Fans react to celebrity year of death as wildlife presenter dies twice

                                      It keeps them in the public eye, I suppose...


                                        Barry Howard, star of Hi-de-Hi (he was one half of the dance instructors) and other things, including panto, dies aged 78

                                        Television star best known for playing Barry Stuart-Hargreaves has died of blood cancer



                                          NEW YORK (FOX5NY) - One of the last remaining veterans who survived the USS Arizona attack at Pearl Harbor has died.

                                          Clarendon “Clare” Hetrick passed away. He was 92 years old.

                                          Hetrick was surrounded by family at the time of his passing.

                                          He was one of the last seven still alive who survived the sinking.