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    Don't waste your time old chap, you're in the wrong league


      Originally posted by John Green View Post
      Don't waste your time old chap, you're in the wrong league
      Let me explain this to you in simple terms John.

      I said "I was wondering about what had happened to the steady stream of EU nations that we were given the 'nod' would be following us straight out of the EU"

      You said: "As far as I am aware, no one on the OUT side of the referendum on Independence Day, 23rd June, has ever inferred the likelihood of a mass exodus from the Idiocy."

      I said: ""

      You said: "What's the problem ? That is his point of view and a reasonable one to boot."

      You're full of it John. You're right though in that we are in different leagues.
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        Read it properly, for Gawd's sake ! ".....mass exodus...."

        Why do I waste my time educating you ? One swallow does not a summer make. Do you know what that means ? If not, I'll explain it to you.

        I did not write that you're in a different league, I wrote that you are in the wrong league.


          Ahh so you're reduced to quibbling semantics John?.



            Perhaps that will convince you to properly read ?

            Like taking candy from a kid !


              One of the last repositories of excellence in the world of media (report, D. Mail, 5th inst.) quotes Saint Theresa of the May:

              "Listen to the way that politicians and commentators talk about the public. They find their patriotism distasteful, concerns about immigration parochial, views about crime illiberal and the fact that 17 million voted to leave the EU, bewildering".

              She might have been referring to the BBC as well as some of the so-called political elite.


                You and I both know that Theresa May is not exactly appealing to the thinkers amongst us with this stuff. It is possible to see clearly through what she is up to with this, as ref my started thread, and like most 'professional politician' behaviour it's not pretty.

                As an illustration of a broader strategy, note how she is now attempting to imply common ground with Brexiters, quite contrary to her own rhetoric not three months ago.
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                It's all good. Probably.


                  Perhaps like Saul she's had a Damascean moment. Can't fault her for that. At the moment she appeals to this 'thinker'. let us see if she remains (no pun intended) constant.


                    I rest my case, m'lud.
                    It's all good. Probably.


                      The 'noose' tightens.

                      Ottmar Issing, the architect of the single currency is reported in the D.Tel. (17/10/16) as believing that the "Euro project is on a slippery slope to collapse". Continual bailing out of bankrupt states has compromised the system. He goes onto say that "one day the house of cards will collapse".

                      Apart from the use of clichd metaphors, can the distinguished Prof. be wrong ? If he who set the whole experiment in motion, makes such forecasts of financial Armageddon, then we should start running for cover and batten down the hatches.

                      If there are no Focke Wulf 190's to be found in Turkey (Cappadocia) perhaps we could do a better job of locating the remains of the Ark.


                        It appears that UKIP can't find any common ground with itself let alone anyone else. Woolfe quits saying it is 'ungovernable'

                        The party I joined in 2011 is now ungovernable. The last few months have demonstrated that it lacks direction, purpose and any semblance of professional organisation.
                        It must be true as its in the torygraph*


                        On a different note ( from a more reliable source) it appears some people are regretting voting leave

                        *this may or may not be accurate
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                          Independent? Huh ! Does anyone actually read that rag ?

                          Thank Heaven the Referendum is done and dusted or, do you want to keep voting until you get an acceptable result ?


                            If we had another one, we all know what the result would be.

                            What is strange, John, is that in a supposedly free and educated democracy people still deliberately take openly biassed newspapers as their primary information source while calling those that aim for independence from political interference 'rags'. Fortunately for our nation the demographics are such that a whole generation of such easily-led fools is starting to die out.
                            Last edited by Beermat; 17th October 2016, 22:52.
                            It's all good. Probably.


                              One point I will concede in your favour is that you've certainly mastered the art of the sweepingly inaccurate statement.

                              No, we don't 'all know what the result would be'. Some of us, repeat some, suspect that the original result would be the same supported by additional numbers. After all, Labour shows little sign of minimising the parting of the ways from its former supporters.

                              The coterie of Remainers are still seeking the 'protection' of Mummy EU's skirts. Its over; get over it ! Brexit means what it says and all the whining in the world will not reverse the result. Don't bother those who voted OUT with futile excuses and prophecies of doom.

                              GB is free from Continental political interference and able once more to make its own policies - for good or, ill. You've missed the obvious contradiction in your piece. Perhaps the Independent wouldn't be such a 'rag' if 'that aim for independence from political interference' was rephrased as 'that aim for independence from EU political interference'.

                              Incidentally, from where did you get the idea that we live in 'an educated democracy?' 'Democracy?' Possibly. 'Educated?' Not by OECD standards.
                              Last edited by John Green; 18th October 2016, 12:12.


                                Interesting piece in John's second favorite rag. He has to agree with it because its in the Torygraph.....


                                doesn't he?


                                  The Torygraph is indulging in a little double-think ahead of declaring itself anti-brexit as if that's the way it's always been. If Ladbrokes would take my bet I'd give it a year. What do you make of the article Trekkie posted, John?

                                  I have no idea what disunity in the Labour party has to do with public sentiment towards brexit. Very little, I'd guess. Nice use of the left-field irrelevancy.

                                  Equally amusing is the idea that the Independent would go up in your estimtion if it took up a political stance (funnily enough your own) rather than studiously avoided any and reported the news. On brexit or any other matter. It says a lot about where you are coming from.

                                  The table in the OECD report that I think you are referring to compared us to a bunch of developed, literate and wealthy nations. Not the world as a whole - I know it's hard to concieve of from White Dragon Towers but it does exist and compared to it we are an educated nation.
                                  Last edited by Beermat; 18th October 2016, 17:30.
                                  It's all good. Probably.


                                    What disunity you cry ? Well now, the disunity that prompted a few million disaffected Labour voters to vote OUT in the Referendum !

                                    What OECD report you cry ? Well now, the recent OECD report that placed GB 28th out of 29 countries in terms of basic literacy and numeracy.

                                    Beermat, I am concerned for your welfare. Either accidently or deliberately; let's be charitable and declare that we see intent on your part, you slid over my point with all the slipperiness and agility of a well oiled Turkish wrestler. My insertion of 'EU' before 'political interference' stood your statement on its head. Wasted. Too subtle for you.
                                    Last edited by John Green; 18th October 2016, 18:28.


                                      I did not cry 'what OECD report". I identified the one you meant and pointed out their sample of 29 countries were the top 29 out of many more that exist in the world. 'Slippery' is an adjective often used by people who aren't concentrating.

                                      I did not cry 'What disunity'. I said it was irrelevant. If you think voting out or in had anything to do with the unity or otherwise of Her Majesty's opposition then you really have not being paying attention, as you weren't to my answer.

                                      So that's at least two fails right there, before I even begin countering..

                                      Not too subtle, just weak. Any round that misses is wasted, and that one missed. It would only turn anything on it's head if you believe the EU are interfering with the journalistic pursuits of the Independent.
                                      Last edited by Beermat; 18th October 2016, 21:15.
                                      It's all good. Probably.


                                        "....the EU are interfering....."

                                        Now there, you could be onto something.

                                        Wrong again. 'The round that misses isn't wasted - it serves to keep your head down.

                                        I don't think that you've ever dodged many angry bullets.


                                          I have come under fire, yes. Didn't have time to check whether the bullets were angry or not.

                                          In this case, your rapid-fire nonsense is not serving to keep my head down.
                                          It's all good. Probably.