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The Last Film You Watched..... IV

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    "Die hard 4, plenty of action.
    Lincoln .7
    There is no such thing as a problem, just a solution!!


      Story of a Knight of the Crusades trying to geta Holy artifact back to the Vatican, but is thwarted by evil on the way.
      Don't bother to watch it

      Lincoln .7
      There is no such thing as a problem, just a solution!!


        Red Tails

        well, what to make of it.....

        after such a good build up with teaser trailers and what not, i was quite severely let down, very CGI heavy...especially the P51 and 109 turning on their axis...essentially flipping over while in a dog fight, going top of the green in some tight maneuver

        the basis for the story is a good one, dont get me wrong, ive met a Tuskegee Airman (one of the original members of the Squadron) and his wife (first black female pilot i believe)

        i just feel the film could have been felt quite bland with not much excitement, i was really looking forward to it too

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          The Island


          All four Rambo films

          Very entertaining, quite liked the last one, music good.


          Was entertained (do they store ammo on museum pieces?)

          Can T22 WT525, Can B2 WD954, Pilatus P2 A-125 (cockpits)


            First Blood is the best of the four, but my personal favourite is Rambo IV. Gotta love the bit where he grabs that .50cal...!!!

            Last film I watched was the awesome Total Recall. As in the original. Colin Farrell's version can just ****** off.
            Daren Cogdon

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              Armageddon and The Green Mile

              Following Michael Clarke Duncan's untimely death last week.

              Armageddon is a fun popcorn blockbuster. Scientifically nonsense, of course, but lots of fun.

              The Green Mile is a cracking adaptation of a Stephen King story, by the master of this particular mini-genre, Frank Darabont (The Mist, The Shawshank Redemption).
              Daren Cogdon

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                Some recent viewing courtesy of Sky Movies and the Trafford Centre Odeon.

                Brave (2012)
                Disney Pixar latest creation about a Scottish Princess who falls out with her mum. Gorgeous looking, sometimes very tense and often very funny, another wonderful film from the creators of Toy Story and Up.

                Take Shelter (2011)
                A man starts to see visions of the apocalypse and wonders if he is going mad. Beautifully acted and dark psychological thriller. Well worth watching.

                The Hangover Part II (2011)
                The Hangover Part 1 was original, funny and worth watching. Part 2 is none of these. To be avoided.

                Justice (2011)
                Nicholas Cage gets involved with vigilantes lead by Guy Pearce after his wife is attacked. Interesting premise along the lines of Death Wish but with twists and turns along the way. Interesting and worth a look.

                X-Men First Class (2011)
                Oh No. Not another superhero movie. Oh yes, but what a great film. James MacAvoy and Michael Fassbender face up to Kevin Bacon in the prequel to the X-men. Fantastic stuff.
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                  Not my favourite horse-racing film, to be honest!

                  Dude, Where's My Car?

                  A film as daft as its title suggests. Still quite fun, I suppose!
                  Daren Cogdon

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                    Originally posted by Scott Marlee View Post
                    ..., ive met a Tuskegee Airman (one of the original members of the Squadron) and his wife (first black female pilot i believe)
                    No, the first black female pilot would have been Bessie Coleman 1892-1926.
                    There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.



                      Madonna's take on the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor and an American woman obsessed with her.

                      Modonna wants us to feel sorry for Mrs. Simpson because she "gave up so much" in order to marry the former king.

                      I got the idea she was looking for sympathy for herself...being a celebrity is such hard work.
                      She gives and gives and gives...all to make the lives of the "little poeple" a bit brighter.
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                      There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


                        Deep Blue Sea

                        Giant sharks eating Samuel L Jackson, Saffron Burrows, Stellan Skarsgaard and LL Cool J. What's not to love?!
                        Daren Cogdon

                        Spitfire fanatic



                          Christopher Reeve's first (and undoubtedly best) outing as the Man of Steel. Still a great movie.
                          Daren Cogdon

                          Spitfire fanatic



                            The lives and loves of a group of restaurant chain employees. Very funny, but a reminder not to **** off those who deal with your food...!

                            White Men Can't Jump

                            Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes play two basketball hustlers trying to get a big score on the street courts of LA. Forgot how funny this movie was.
                            Daren Cogdon

                            Spitfire fanatic


                              Jacob's Ladder.

                              Quite an old film, but worth watching, quite deep, quite dark, but pretty good.
                              Sometimes it's better to be a bumblebee than it is to be Professor Heinkel.


                                A few recent viewings

                                Apollo 18 (2011)
                                Home movie styled, crappy camera type horror. Not too bad but the camera "interference" became quite annoying.

                                Basic (2003)
                                John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in a complex, hard to follow military drama about a murder in the jungle. Worth sticking with (and rewinding a few times when key plot points are missed).

                                Killer Elite (2011)
                                Jason Statham and Clive Owen are pitted against each in this special forces thriller. Based on Ranulph Fiennes "true" story about SAS operations in Oman. Good exciting stuff with a few good twists.

                                The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

                                A remake starring Denzel Washington as the soldier trying to find out the truth about a Gulf War hero. Enjoyable thriller.
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                                  Guns, Girls and Gambling [2011]
                                  Christian Slater, Gary Oldman

                                  The story throws Elvis impersonators, Indians, modern cowboys, a 6-foot-tall blond assassin, a frat boy, a corrupt sheriff and a prostitute into a chase for a priceless American Indian artifact stolen during a poker game at an Indian casino.

                                  Good fun to pass the time

                                  3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom [2012]
                                  Charlie Hunman , Ron Pearlman, Chris O'Dowd

                                  Frank Bartlett has been tortured, embarrassed, and humiliated by his brother Bruce -- usually on film -- his entire life. Now that Bruce is finally off drugs and has turned his life around, things should be different. They are not.

                                  Weird ,funny but not quite as funny as it sometimes think's it is,but enjoyable none the less
                                  [Fans of the TV series Sons of Anarchy will see 'Jax' and 'Clay' in a whole new light.]
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                                    Fright Night (2011)

                                    Well, I eventually caved and watched the remake of the 1985 vampire classic, and....

                           actually wasn't that bad.

                                    The scriptwriters monkeyed around with some of the plot points (for a start, the main character Charlie is NOT the one who finds out his neighbour is a vampire!), but they stick largely to the premise of the original. David Tennant plays the new version of Peter Vincent as a vain, preening Vegas entertainer, not the mild-mannered English horror movie actor of the original, which kind of works well in this version. The special effects aren't too shabby, and there's a good bit of blood and gore, but I found it still a bit watered-down compared to the original. Plus, it has no transforming vampires, which the original did well to incorporate.

                                    Verdict: 7.5/10


                                    Another 1980s horror classic. Still great fun, and while Grace Jones wouldn't be my first choice as an exotic dancer, she does make an awesome bloodsucker!

                                    Verdict: 8/10

                                    Zoltan - Hound of Dracula

                                    Dracula's faithful Doberman, Zoltan, is resurrected and, along with one of Dracula's disciples, journeys to America to find one of the Count's last remaining descendants in order that they can serve a new master. Cue lots of snarling dog shots, and a fair bit of gore from this 1970s horror, although the storyline is as bonkers as its title!
                                    Daren Cogdon

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                                      Space Cowboys

                                      It stars Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, and many other stars. It's about a retired astronaut who has to return to space for a mission and he insists on partaking in the mission with his equally as old counterparts. It was a pretty good movie, and I'd actually recommend it.
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                                        The Jungle Book

                                        Amazingly, I had NEVER seen this Disney classic up until the other day! Not bad at all, in fact. Gotta love the King Louis number, though!

                                        The Raid

                                        Indonesian kick-assery as a group of armed cops storm a high-rise in downtown Jakarta which houses a crime villain and his gang of thugs. Not bad at all!
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                                        Daren Cogdon

                                        Spitfire fanatic


                                          Scum (1979)
                                          A hardhitting and brutal story of borstal inmates. This must have been pretty shocking in 1979 as it is still shocking even now. Great performances from future star. Not a barrel of laughs but compelling viewing.

                                          Final Destination 5 (2011)
                                          Survivors of a bridge collapse meet death in various ways. Pretty good actually but very gruesome.

                                          Goodfellas (1990)
                                          The true story of Henry Hill and his rise through the gangster ranks. A true classic. Joe Pesci, Robert be Niro and Ray Liotta at their very best.
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