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    "The Hive" story about flesh eating Ants Absolute C.R.A.* and not worthy of even 1/10

    Lincoln .7
    There is no such thing as a problem, just a solution!!


      Ice Cold in Alex

      One of the first films I ever saw


        Bazv. I agree, why don't they make em like it, these days?.Nearly got caught at the end, when his "Dog tags" were snatched from him
        Lincoln .7
        There is no such thing as a problem, just a solution!!


          Originally posted by stangman View Post
          Very good film,but i so wanted it to be a great film. Not sure it lives up to the hype or expectations .I really need to see it a few more times on DVD.
          It's been a couple of days since i saw this and on reflection they should not have tried to connect it to the Alien story but set it in it's own fictional universe.
          Nice try Ridley but no cigar this time. 7/10
          The problem with Prometheus is, and it's not the Alien thing, forget Alien. What's wrong with Prometheus is that some bits just don't make sense.
          Alien made sense. You would be hard pressed to find fault with it. But Prometheus just has so many plot holes. Like the two crewmen who chicken out when they see a fossilised alien.
          These guys, professionals in their field, volunteered and fly in cryosleep for nearly three years to freak out at a bit of dead alien. Naaah, sorry. Don't add up.
          I do like the speherical probes though, neat idea and I bet will happen one day.


            Originally posted by DazDaMan View Post

            On the big screen for the first time.

            And it was EPIC!!

            Like seeing it brand-new in 1975. It really felt as though I had never seen the film before - and not 500+ times in the space of 25 years!

            Crystal clear picture and sound - and I was literally on the edge of my seat come the finale!
            It's a bit like Starwars. You can't understand it until you see it on the big screen. THEN you understand!


              Wild Geese, Richard Burton, all time great, Roger Moor and others, How a group of mercenaries rescue a President but get trapped behind enemy lines when the organiser of the mission cops out on picking them up from the L.Z.

              A most positive 10/10. and will watch it again. Great acting by the all time greats.
              Lincoln .7
              There is no such thing as a problem, just a solution!!


                Just finished watching a recording from Film 4.

                The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

                Swedish film with subtitles. Brilliant Film
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                Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                  Water For Elephants

                  Surprisingly good period romantic drama set in the 1930s, starring Robert Pattinson, Christophe Waltz and Reese Witherspoon. 7/10


                  On the big screen. Again.
                  Daren Cogdon

                  Spitfire fanatic


                    Inside the bunker during Hilter's last days as seen by his young secretary and a doctor. I've read about the events but it was intering to see them brought to film. It's a German film with subtitles, which adds to the authenticity. 9/10
                    There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


                      Watched these on a flight home from the USA

                      John Carter (2012)

                      An American Civil War veteran ends up on Mars helping out in their own war. Great looking film with some stunning effects. Decent story based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. Worth watching.

                      Children of Men (2006)

                      Julianne Moore and Clive Owen in a film set in the UK in 2027 where the human race has become sterile. Bleak looking film but well done.

                      Chronicle (2012)

                      A superhero movie with a twist. Three teenagers acquire super powers but it soon turns nasty. Cast with unknowns and shot on a (relatively) low budget, this was a decent way to spend and hour and a half.
                      So much for Pathos


                        Apollo 18

                        Cr@p, didn't care whether they lived or died, rather have shoved wasps up my @rse as an altenative to watching this predictable drivel. I want my 90 minutes back. Bought it from Blockbusters (previewed) for 6, its now a coaster

                        Can T22 WT525, Can B2 WD954, Pilatus P2 A-125 (cockpits)


                          Aces High

                          My favourite WW1 aviation flick. It's not perfect, but it has some of the best dogfight scenes going...
                          Daren Cogdon

                          Spitfire fanatic


                            Just caught the last bit of "A Town Like Alice", and saw this aircraft.

                            Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


                              Block Attack

                              Kids thwarting alien attack.........

                              plot holes, yes

                              watchable, yes

                              Nick Frost, yes

                              Better than Apollo 18, yes


                              Can T22 WT525, Can B2 WD954, Pilatus P2 A-125 (cockpits)



                                Stallone's first, and arguably best, outing as the Italian Stallion. Still a great movie.
                                Daren Cogdon

                                Spitfire fanatic



                                  My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to attend the European premiere of Pixar's latest outing at the weekend...

                                  And it was bloody brilliant!!

                                  Taking its cue from ancient Scottish mythology and brought to life in glorious animation the way only Pixar can, Brave tells the story of Merida, a rebellious Scottish princess who wants nothing more than to have her freedom from the ancient traditions of her family, her clan, and the various other clans in the glen. When she finds a witch who helps her with a curse, she unleashes all manner of problems upon the family!

                                  It really is great - Pixar's usual stunning animation, mixed with their usual high-end storytelling and some great visuals. I think it's well and truly trounced long-time favourite UP from the top of my Pixar pile!
                                  Daren Cogdon

                                  Spitfire fanatic


                                    The latest in a varied batch seen over the last couple of weeks or so.

                                    Hostel (2005)
                                    A group of tourists get tricked into being unwilling participants in a torture chamber. Pretty gruesome in places but a not as bad as I had been lead to believe it would be.

                                    Rio (2011)
                                    A parrot ends up in Rio and the story follows his attempts to escape. Vibrant and very colourful animation. Good fun.

                                    Fright Night (2011)
                                    A remake of the 1985 horror classic (?) with David Tennant and Colin Farrell. A teenager discovers a vampire living next door and attempts to get rid of him. Surprisingly pretty decent film actually.

                                    Marley and Me the Puppy Years (2011)
                                    A prequel to Marley and Me. Marley and Me was a decent film - this isnt. A travesty. Best avoided.

                                    Wake Wood (2011)
                                    A couple who have recently lost their daughter find a way to enjoy a few more days with her but it goes wrong. A Hammer production almost in the old Hammer style. Very creepy and not a little disturbing. Not bad though.

                                    Fortress (2012)
                                    The story of a B-17 crew during operations over the Mediterranean. Not as good as Memphis Belle but not bad for all that. The CGI comes in for criticism but I thought it looked OK. A shame some of the acting couldnt be computer enhanced.

                                    The Resident (2011)
                                    Hilary Swank plays a doctor who is being stalked in her rented apartment. Cliched formulaic thriller with an obvious plot.

                                    Things to Come (1936)
                                    H.G. Wells prophetic novel filmed. A classic of the cinema that hasnt really stood the test of time to be honest. Full of Wells own views on world government it still makes for interesting viewing.
                                    So much for Pathos


                                      Apollo 13
                                      Simply brilliant. The part where Ground Control was waiting for re-entry must be one of the most moving film sequences I've ever seen.
                                      Very, very sad, though the twelve-year-old boys I watched it with at school loved the part where Senna won at his home circuit and screamed into his microphone, 'Fu**ing hell, I've won!'


                                        Air America

                                        Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. play pilots recruited into the secret "Air America" arm of the CIA, flying supplies and drugs during the Vietnam conflict. Great fun, and some nice flying sequences.
                                        Daren Cogdon

                                        Spitfire fanatic


                                          A Lonely Place to Die (2011)
                                          A group climbing in Scotland come across a kidnap victim and incur the wrath of the kidnappers. Pretty good in a gritty British movie type way. Worth watching.

                                          Dorian Gray (2009)
                                          Ben Barnes and Colin Firth in an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel. Classic Gothic horror story very well done.

                                          We Need to Talk about Kevin (2011)
                                          Tilda Swinton in an award-winning role as a mother of a badly behaved boy. Moving and harrowing, the story is told as flashbacks. Powerful stuff.
                                          So much for Pathos