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PHOTOS: White Waltham

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  • Tartan Pics
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    • Feb 2006
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    PHOTOS: White Waltham

    Hi all
    Apologies if i'm posting these in the wrong forum.... i don't see a forum for GA shots???
    Anyway, last friday i paid a wee visit to White Waltham, just in time to catch the Luftwaffe Nord 1005 (ME108) G-ETME go out on a sortie.. first time i've seen this lovely beastie.
    Among others............

    After this i took a wee trip up to Wolverhampton,Halfpenny Green.. a place i've been dying to visit for ages... and was'nt disappointed... another post follows.
    Thanks for viewing.
    Awrabest Scotty
    my shots on My
    my shots on JetPhotos.Net!
    Going QUOing
  • Propstrike
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    • Mar 2004
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    There is usually something interesting to see at WW if the weather is OK.

    We have 7 Tigers, 2 Jungmann, DH 60, SE5 rep, Moth Minor, Miles Hawk, Harvard, Me 108, 4 Cubs, 2 Chipmunk, Jungmeister, 2 Stampes, Stinson Reliant, Luton Minor, Hornet Moth, 4 Yak 52's, Starduster, 3 Pitts, and a smattering of spam ( as well as others I have forgotten) .

    P40 and Spit are often in.


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