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  • wessex boy
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    • Aug 2005
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    Originally posted by aj_march
    The Yak thing is a Nanchang CJ-6 if I remember correctly!
    I think there is a share in this one advertised in Loop?
    Certainly made a lovely noise as it joined overhead, and I think it looks less ungainly on it's undercarriage than the Yak (has proper retracting main wheels as well) but was surprised that it has 280BHP against the Yak's 360/400 does that make it a little easier to convert onto?

    Not that I can afford the share at the moment, nor would get Senior Management Approval for such a dangerous looking machine (in her eyes)
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    • Mark A
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      • Feb 2006
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      Originally posted by BlueRobin View Post
      Last shot looks like Mark A's RV.
      You're not wrong Neil!

      Too good a day not to go flying - sorry I didn't have anything more vintage to come in.

      Though the last VAC event that I flew into with the Chippy, I was the only one (aircraft) there.

      Mr Hitchman was there complete with Cub and camera, so maybe there'll be something in Popular Flying.


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