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Carnage at Old Buckenham

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  • Moggy C
    • Jan 2000
    • 20534

    Carnage at Old Buckenham

    I see the recent winds sucked the hangar doors into the building writing off three aircraft and damaging quite a few more.

    Auster Fan in particular might be sad to learn that G-NINB is now a non-flyable convertible.

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  • Auster Fan
    Dreaming of my PPL
    • Dec 2003
    • 1532

    You ain't kidding! Thankfully, it appears that no people were hurt. Ihadn't planned to fly this weekend, due to other commitments. Probably just as well. No doubt I will get the full story when I go to OB next weekend.
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    • low'n'slow
      Rank 5 Registered User
      • Sep 2006
      • 1436

      Sad news.

      I know of at least one owner of a tied-down aeroplane who spent a night or two sleeping by it!

      There again - what could you do????


      • BlueRobin
        Fast Moderator
        • Jan 2000
        • 3311

        I know an operator who in high winds used to park a double-decker windward of their aircraft.

        The C152s were worringly a bumpin' and a wigglin' on Thursday. The Arrow's suspension I swear was deflecting up and down by at least 3 inches.
        See how they wheel, bank and glide? Perfect. All in one.


        • msteggalls
          Rank 5 Registered User
          • Nov 2006
          • 40

          link to article about damange at Old Buck in the Eastern Daily Press -



          • Yak 11 Fan
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Jan 2000
            • 4377

            Interesting change of tune on the insurance issue between the printed article in the EDP and that on the website. Nice to hear they are covered.


            • wessex boy
              Talking Baggage
              • Aug 2005
              • 1086

              Not good, I am sure that the owners took some comfort that they were safely enconsed in the hangar...

              I was in a meeting on one of Norwich Union's new buildings that day, we watched bits of trim from the roof gently fluttering down into the car park.....
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