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Tobago G-TOBA

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  • WP840
    Whisky Papa
    • Feb 2006
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    Tobago G-TOBA

    Does anybody know if this aircraft is still flying and where it is based?
    I was looking through my old Air Cadet service book and was reminded that in June 1993 I had a 20 minute flight from Old Sarum in this aircraft. The cadets were helping at a fly in at Old Sarum and the pilot of this aircraft gave us cadets a short flight but I'm not sure if he was a local pilot or one of the many that had flown in.
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  • Newforest
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    • Apr 2005
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    I would assume that the aircraft G-TOBA is still active under EASA until 15/10/19. My guess, without specific knowledge, would suggest that the plane might be based at Shoreham or Lee-on-Solent. I have been round the world 11.83 times!


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