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8.33 KHz - The law of unintended consequences

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  • John Green
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    • Mar 2011
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    8.33 KHz - The law of unintended consequences

    The LAA informs us that the EU has just published its legal requirements for a/c to carry 8.33 KHz compliant radios. The regulation can be read at:

    If you are building a new a/c, after the 17th Nov. 2013 you won't get a new Permit or CofA unless your radio is compliant.

    After the same date any restoration to an a/c must include an upgrade to radio 8.33 compliance.

    From 31st Dec. 2017, all a/c radios operated in the EU must be 8.33 compliant.

    There may be some variation to the dates mentioned.

    It seems to have been overlooked that the price of these radios will, in many instances, be more than the value of the a/c into which they are to be fitted.
    So, as the title of this piece suggests, perhaps many more will not bother with radios making the aviation world a whole lot safer.

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