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Can we have the old forum back

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  • trumper
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • Aug 2003
    • 6668

    Can we have the old forum back

    I don't know whether this is a temporary page but this is slow loading ,not an improvement in looks or function
  • jamesm
    • Dec 2016
    • 209

    The forums may be slower loading for the next 24 hours as the site is currently re-indexing its database.


    • Old Towzer
      Rank 3 Registered User
      • Jun 2018
      • 46

      Likewise, can we have the old forum back!! Please.....Really don't like the new look one bit!!


      • Planemike
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • Dec 2007
        • 1791

        Neither do I...............!!!


        • T J Johansen
          Considerate hitman
          • Aug 2004
          • 1274

          X 4
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          • ClanWarrior
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Oct 2007
            • 296

            Feeling a bit wary about the new forum, but I suppose in the long run I will get used to it.


            • Sopwith
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Mar 2009
              • 1496

              No I am not too keen on it either, it is pretty weird .


              • SpudmanWP
                Rank 5 Registered User
                • Jan 2009
                • 5266

                Too much "white space"

                Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-08-31 08_57_21-Can we have the old forum back - Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums.png Views:	1 Size:	67.2 KB ID:	3834599

                Image sizing issues. At max zoom out, this pic still cannot fit.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-08-31 09_09_14-The 'JUST A NICE PIC...' thread - Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.28 MB
ID:	3834603

                The "sticky" threads are taking up over half of the "military aviation" forum for page 1 (Fixed over the last few minutes)
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                • Bruce
                  Independent analyst
                  • Jan 2000
                  • 10219

                  Lets give it a chance - if as Webby says, it is being re-indexed at the moment, it will take a while to sort itself out.


                  • ClanWarrior
                    Rank 5 Registered User
                    • Oct 2007
                    • 296

                    I have just realized that my avatar does not show up when I posted my last reply to this forum, yet it does show up on my account home page. Could you please sort this out.

                    I have had to go to a avatar site and get a new avatar to solve this problem.
                    Last edited by ClanWarrior; 31st August 2018, 16:06.


                    • ZRX61
                      Rank 5 Registered User
                      • May 2005
                      • 4714

                      24hours? it's been 3 days. It's all screwed up.
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                      • Sideslip
                        Rank 5 Registered User
                        • Apr 2012
                        • 634

                        Perhaps someone from Key Publishing would like to come on here and explain why they think this is an improvement.
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                        • ~Alan~
                          Rank 5 Registered User
                          • Mar 2010
                          • 5019

                          I think we should give them a chance to get it sorted, rather than complaining. After all visiting this forum is not compulsory.
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                          • Goldilocks
                            Rank 5 Registered User
                            • Aug 2009
                            • 61

                            I'll add my vote to return to the old forum layout - this one is a total waste of space


                            • AndyY
                              Rank 5 Registered User
                              • May 2012
                              • 415

                              The white space either side of the content is completely wasted. How can that be an improvement?


                              • STORMBIRD262
                                Wanabee 262 pilot
                                • Jul 2004
                                • 2171

                                I do not like it
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                                • Old Stager
                                  Rank 5 Registered User
                                  • Sep 2014
                                  • 34

                                  Duxford Diary: I don't want to have to scroll through over 1200 entries to see the latest photos.

                                  How can we get to the active end of the thread with one click?


                                  • Blue_2
                                    Meteor spanner monkey...
                                    • Feb 2010
                                    • 4961

                                    I really don't like this new platform. However, Key host it for us at no charge to us, it's their bat and ball, and if they want to mess with it then that's their prerogative.
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                                    • Gerard
                                      Rank 5 Registered User
                                      • Aug 2009
                                      • 3083

                                      Please! Less sticky notes on top. Take the Modern Aviation section. 6 sticky notes wich take up more than a third of the messages.on that page
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                                      • viscount
                                        Rank 5 Registered User
                                        • Mar 2011
                                        • 387

                                        Why is that members get so upset when a forum's format is changed? There were faults with the old format too, it is just that we became familiar with them.

                                        One for consideration by admin/programmers: With a broad view of aviation, and a regular site visitor I always use 'recent posts' to view the activity across all forums, selecting the threads I wish to visit across the whole range of forum interests. While 'latest activity' is still available with an abbreviated version of a post, I like to have not only the latest post at the end of the thread page, but also the ability to look back at the context to that latest post - especially on 'fast moving' threads.

                                        Also, although likely only a temporary 'glitch', when I log in (using the favourites bar) I now get the 'Search' page, not a site entry page. Solution could be in my hands to change the url on my favourites bar.


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