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help me!!! fsx with a pc or x-plane with mac

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  • Chuck Waggon
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    • Oct 2009
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    help me!!! fsx with a pc or x-plane with mac

    hi im thinkin about getting a new computer can someone help i love flying so i do like a spot of flight sim i herd about x-plane for mac is this good? if i got that does anybody know which mac book pro it would work on???? or i could go down the old pc route and get fsx again what set up would i need not for it to stall on me etc... if anyone has any advice or guidence for me with this it would be much apreciated.

  • 'lectra
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    • Feb 2005
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    The current Macbook and Macbook Pro will run both sims pretty well. I'm a recent Mac convert and a big fan of X-Plane. To run FS-X on a Mac you would need to use the bootcamp software (which comes as part of OSX) to install Windows on a seperate partition. If you don't want to install another operating system then X-Plane is your only option to sim on a Mac.

    Both sims have pros and cons, FS-X is graphically superior, X-Plane has (in my opinion) a nicer feel to the flight model and smoother guages but doesn't look as pretty. The only thing I miss on my mac is native support for my Track IR head tracker.

    Have fun!



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