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  • Doogerie
    Registered User
    • Oct 2010
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    just to say

    HI I just found this forum . I fly FSX and IL2 what does everyone else fly on here?
  • Robflight3
    Rank 3 Registered User
    • Oct 2010
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    Hi, I have just joined today too.
    I use FS2004, I like to fly a variety of aircraft.
    For my 50th I had a 1 hour flying lesson in a Cessna 172 at Redhill, a real treat :-)
    I'm seriously looking at making my own flight sim using 2 Microsoft Sidewinder joysticks, and using X-Padder.
    Anyone else had a go at this ?


    • Deano
      • Aug 2003
      • 3108

      Welcome to the forums you two. It is generally quite quiet here but with more members we can get the utilisation up a tad.

      I fly all day, every day for the day job so I don't use Flight Sim much. When I do boot it up I use FSX & FS9. I am a member of Qantas Virtual Airlines. I thoroughly recommend joining a virtual airline to enhance your virtual flying experience, it gives a new dimension to your flying. You can find Virtual Airline listings by using google, or there still "should" be a list of virtual airlines on the cover CD of Key's magazine - PC Pilot.

      Rob I've never tried making my own flight sim or cockpit, but there is a wealth of information on the internet. If you check the Avsim forums there is a dedicated forum to it.




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