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Oshkosh to Gatwick

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  • geedee
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    Oshkosh to Gatwick

    Now for the return trip.
    The airfield was at Green Bay (and I cant for the life of me remeber what it was called but was named after someone.) The first plane was DC9, Reg No n90S resplendant in the new colour scheme.
    Was bit concerned when one of the ground crew appeared to put his foot through the floor boards !!!!!(Pic 2)
    We boarded at 1800 local, started up, taxied 200 yds in a big semi-circle and then shut down. Captain came on line and mentioned that major thunderstorms at Detroit where causing problems and most flights where iether on hold or re-directed. 36 minutes later we kicked the tyres and lit the fires and said goodbye to Green Bay.
    Take off was at 1641 local after a to run of 47m sec's with an estimated flight time of 47 mins.
    A lot of turbulence to start of with and we seemed to take forever...and probably a bit longer ! gain any altitude until over Lake Michigan things smoothed out and up we went.
    The clouds where higher than our flight level and the turbulence was increasing once we got on the other side of the lake. There were 2 distinct cloud levels, one about 5K below and one much higher.
    We started to descend at 1904 with a touchdown at 1928 local (different time zone!). Loads of reverser used, really hanging forward in the straps. Could see 3 others on finals coming out of the murk and we had loooong taxi to the gate....wait for it...Held on taxiway due to gate occupied by other plane that was delayed leaving due to the weather !!!. Advised of 20 minute wait.
    Getting v dark outside now with all airport lighting on.
    Finally moved forward to gate 73 to de-plabe at 2100, then a mad rush to to next flight at gate 38a onto a DC10.
    Yup, you guessed it, another delay while we waited for some peeps from a connecting flight that was late due to the weather.
    Pushback at 2148 with an engine start at 2152. Our altitude when reversing was 198 metres...boy are these planes big !.
    To run of 50 secs at 2207 with an estimated flight time of 6hrs 43mins.
    40 mins into flight we started the aerobatics with some very heavy turbulence at 29K alt over NY, just in time for the first drink and pretzels to arrive.
    2 hours into the flight (just after midnight, the trolley grannies (note grannies, not dolly's....boy did they look old !) trundled round with the food.
    Choice of Pasta or chicken. Now this flight, the food wasnt wrapped, neither did have any covering so when it got to my tray...which was at the bottom of the pile....I had every-one elses bits of food that had dropped off ontop of mine....AND the bl**dy chicken struggled to be even remotely classed as warm. Needless to say I didnt eat it. Pretty bad show really and the trolley grannies appeared to be chucking food and dropping drinks left right and probably centre as well !.
    The films where 'The Alamo' and 'Shrek 2'. Managed to watch most of the first and then had enough of everything and decided to get some sleep......yeah right !. Why is, just when you are about to drift of, there is always a bl**ding baby that decides to have a tantrum at that exact moment ?. Litlle B managed to keep going for quite some time (probably a contender for the Guiness Book of records....if he needs a proposer, I can vouch for him !....bless !.
    5hrs 45mins into the flight breakfast trooped out...Yoghurt, muffin, tropical fruit of some sort.
    Not sure of the route flown back cos most of the time I couldn't see the screens but managed to confirm a cabin alt of 1655 metres.At 4.21 into the flight at 06.15 (hadnt changed the watch to UK time zone yet) we began the descent. Bl**dy people sat by windows didnt open the shutters so couldnt see outside.
    Changed watch to 0929 GMT. At 6.30 into flight, the shutters went up and I saw the ground....through cloud (must be back in UK).
    Dont visitors to UK say the daftest things....''Say, look at those quaint little fields ........
    Got really worried when the oldest of the trolley grannies asked me for 'head sex' !!!!!. After a few seconds of worry...we werent high enough to enter the mile high club ...I realised she wanted the head sets (look.... she had a weird accent OK !!!.
    Touchdown was at 0446 (US time, my watch has two time zones and I forgot to reset back to UK even though I had previously changed things over....must have been a long flight. Total flight time 6 hrs 39mins
    We BOUNCED !.
    And guess what, held up prior to getting to gate cos the plane already there was late and shouldnt have been !
    Then all I had to do was put up with British Snail back to home.
    And a decent cuppa and then some shut eye....but thats another story.

  • T5
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    Great report, very funny as well! Photos are also excellent.

    The food on the DC-10 sounded a little 'offputting' to say the least. Might be worth a few seconds of your time to contact the airline and express your concerns. I mentioned not so long ago that I emailed Thai Airways and told them how disgusted I was with the food and service on a flight in April. They sent a rather long letter in the post, telling me how sorry they were and how they would pass it onto their caterers. No free flights though!


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