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    Having read BMused's trip report about his EDI flight I was looking forward to my first flights in ages with BA, LHR-GLA on a 767 and MAN-LHR on a 321.


    A warm welcome at the door got things off to a good start and I had the K seat right at the back. The aircraft wasn't in quite the state I had expected from recent stories of BA's 767's, sure it's an 80's designed cabin and the video system struggled a bit with the safety video but it was clean and my seat was comfortable even though the flight was full.

    After take off the head crew said that as it was new year the crew would serve breakfast and hot drinks as usual but also a bar for those who wished it, so they served a breakfast as in BMused's report, then tea & coffee at the the same time as the drinks bars. The 4 crew working at the back were very smiley and chatty and seemed to be having fun with the passengers and each other.

    We arrived early and all in all it was a great flight.


    The aircraft was just another Airbus but I was lucky enough to have extra legroom at the exit row (Doors 3) and the other seats in the row were empty (The flight was only about half full). I'm guessing this was a new fleet crew as they were wearing hats(?). They were pleasant enough but quite distant, not friendly or chatty like the 767 crew had been.

    As the flight was later in the day it was just a drink on this one but the crew ran out of time and didn't get to me before the seat belt signs came on for landing.

    We again arrived early which I guess is the main thing.

    Would I recommend BA? Based on the flight to GLA, definately. Based on the flight from MAN, maybe.


    The middle sector was with BE who I fly with lots and like very much as no-frills goes.

    Dash 8, pleasant crew, coffee and (the best ever) chocolate muffin costing a small fortune. Always the same routine and get what I expect.

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