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Wavy Gravy across the Atlantic (Jul/Aug 09')

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  • Michael E
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    Wavy Gravy across the Atlantic (Jul/Aug 09')


    So I was just home from my family holiday to Cyprus with my parents, when an offer came up to spend 3 weeks in South Carolina, visiting friends of the family. I jumped at the offer, and it was to be my first solo holiday. I considered many different routes to get to Myrtle Beach, like EI to BOS, then DL down, or DL via ATL, JFK etc. or US. Eventually I settled with DL via Atlanta and booked my flights with Delta and ASA for July and August, with ample time in ATL.

    Report - Part 1

    Flight #1 - DUB-ATL

    Airline: Delta Air Lines
    Flight: DL 177
    Date: July 23rd 2009
    Aircraft: Boeing 767-400ER....third flight on type, first flight on sub-type, first flight on aircraft
    Registration: N842MH
    Seat: 22G
    Departure (scheduled/actual): 11.50am/11:49am
    Arrival (scheduled/actual): ??/??
    Duration: 8 hours, 55 mins.
    Load factor: Y~95%, J~100%

    So the day came, and I checked in and headed through the 'fun' that is Dublin Airport security. I didn't have long until I had to go through pre-clearance in Dublin, so I decided I wouldn't venture down Pier A and D, and just check out the T1 extension in Dublin, and do a little bit of spotting.

    View from T1X, Staircase adjacent Starbucks to be exact.

    I headed back to Pier B and before going through CBP I took some photos of the surrounding US-bound aircraft parked up. I am kicking myself that I never took any photos of my aircraft.

    EI-DUZ heading to JFK

    N201UU heading to PHL

    C-GHPF taxiing to 28, for YYZ.

    I then proceeded through CBP and waited for my flight to be called. I was in Zone 4 for boarding and was called around 10:45am to board. In the jetway I was met by a CBP officer asking the routine "Did you pack your own bags" etc.. The interview took no more than two minutes and I proceeded down the jetway where I was greeted by three smiling flight attendants, who directed me across the galley and to the right, where I soon found 22G, my home for the next 9 hours.

    View out my window.

    Boarding was completed swiftly and we were greeted over the PA by our Purser, and Captain. Both informed us of a flying time of 8 hours and 55 minutes, as headwinds were strong over Canada. Soon we pushed back, 'Deltalina' made an appearance, the GE engines were fired up, flaps and slats extended and we made our way behind a TS A310 to Runway 28.

    Soon we lined up on 28, and we were on our way to ATL.

    Take-Off Video

    Soon, we made our way up to our cruising altitude of FL350 and we settled in for the trip. I immediately went for the PTV which was switched on now. Delta On Demand has a great interface, and is loaded with a wide variety of Music, Games, and Video. I watched three episodes of "CSI: NY", two of "Samantha Who?" and Milk, before turning on the airshow for the remainder of the flight.

    Delta On Demand

    The ride itself was very smooth, over cloud for the majority of the flight, with it clearing up for a while upon entering Canada. I took some photos of the outside world.

    Delta's service was perfect and very friendly. There was numerous drink services, with a wide range of beverages on offer. The meal service was very nice. The choice was between Chicken, and pasta. I opted for the chicken. It came with potatoes, vegetables, and gravy. The sides were salad, cheesecake, a brownie, a bread roll, butter, and cheese and Minute Maid.
    An hour before descent we were served a Spinach Pizza, which was lovely also.

    We proceeded to descend towards Atlanta, and was joined by a company 767-300 approaching 26R, whilst we were heading for 27L. The flaps were extended, and we came in for a very soft landing. We taxiied off the runway, and had to wait for 10 minutes at 27R for departing traffic. We were joined by DL, FL and other traffic waiting to cross. We taxiied to Concourse E, and I headed towards Customs and Immigration

    Landing Video

    Welcome neighbours at Concourse E

    After clearing security again, I made my way to Concourse C, where my next flight was departing from.

    I didn't feel like exploring the other concourses, exhaustion and all. And with me being a CRJ nut, I was right at home among ASA's multitudes of aircraft. Some photos from the gate.

    Flight #2 - ATL-DUB

    Airline: Delta Air Lines, op. by Atlantic Southeast Airlines
    Flight: DL 5092
    Date: July 23rd 2009
    Aircraft: Candair CRJ-700.....2nd on this type, 1st on this Airline
    Registration: N390CA
    Seat: 14B
    Departure (scheduled/actual): 8:16pm/9:30pm
    Arrival (scheduled/actual): ??/??
    Duration: 1 hour 5 mins.
    Load factor: Y~100%

    The weather in ATL that evening was atrocious, so the CRJ for my hop to MYR was diverted to Montgomery, AL, on its way to ATL. This meant over an hour of gate changes, delays and so forth. Eventually we boarded the CR7, and were met by two very friendly ASA crew members, one female, one male. They welcomed everyone on board with open arms and let us take our seats. We pushed back and taxiied to 27R, and took off on a PNUTT departure behind a company 752. This flight was extremely turbulent, due to thunderstorms in the area. The seatbelt sign was turned off for the most of the flight however. A sole drink and peanut service was started very shortly after departure. I never took any photos of this sector as I was in an aisle seat, which I hate but had no say in unfortunately. We soon descended towards Myrtle Beach and soon I remembered why I loved CRJs so much - their almighty thrust reversers. Once flaps 30 was set and gear was down, that moment couldn't come sooner. To my disgust we slammed down into the runway, and the engines were left at idle as we rolled out. I felt cheated. But none the less it was a fun landing and a great way to conclude 10 hours of flying.

    I took two shots of the CR7 from the ground at MYR, which, from past experience there, is frowned upon.

    Conclusion - Part 1

    DL 177 - Very comfortable flight, excellent leg room for the 9 hour flight. Delta On Demand is a huge plus, and the IFE box under the seat doesn't compromise the legroom by much. The crew and service were perfect. They were helpful, pleasant, and polite to the last. Made a lasting impression. Aircraft in impeccable condition, clean, well catered to.

    DL 5092 - I adore CRJs, and this flight did not let me down at all. Even though I didn't have the window seat, I still was in heaven with this flight. The two crew members were attentive, polite and friendly. Aircraft was spotless even after a long day's flying. Great way to end a day.

    Thanks for reading this much.
    Part 2 to be included in a later post.
    Planes flown so far: A300, A319, A320, A321, A332, CR2, CR7, 738, 744, 752, 763, 764, 772, DH4
  • steve rowell
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    An excellent comprehensive report with a great pictorial and videos
    Best Regards Steve


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      An enjoyable read. I also love the CRJs, although not too keen on the 200s from a passengers perspective. A bit too cramped and i dont like how the windows are so low down making it hard to see out.
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      • Old Git
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        Only just noticed this - a very nice read and good shots, particularly of the airport on the "auld sod".


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