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United Airlines

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    Gene Delaney (Guest)

    United Airlines

    Hi everyone,
    I just completed a round trip to London from Boston (via Washington Dulles on the outbound trip) and found the exact opposite of what I expected. The current state of turmoil with US airlines had me a bit nervous as to what calamities would affect my trip, especially with UAL's recent record. What I found was extremely friendly and helpful ticketing, ground/airport staff,flight crews,decent food,clean aircraft, and most important ON TIME FLIGHTS(except for a 40 minute weather delay out of Heathrow-fog)and my bag arrived with me also!!! I hope this is going to be the trend now in the US. United impressed me on this trip! Anyone care to comment on their recent experiences.
    Gene Delaney
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    chris (Guest)

    RE: United Airlines

    Flew united back last year (11 persons) inc 5 kids
    so called shuttle flight completley full ! from sfo to las

    some of our group checked in with seat numbers , and another part of our group were told you will get your seats at the gate !

    I refused to move until we had all got boarding cards ...good job as at the gate united were offering denied boarding compensation....but with a group of 11 - travelling on short holiday every min was needed !

    The United check in girl was a nightmare , she could not care less and I was very disappointed with the no care attitude that upset some of our kids travelling with us , with the thought that they would all be split up !!

    and we were !!! after about 15 mins asking her why some had boarding crads and some not , she seated the rest of the party..all over the place , thinking she was getting one back over us...but all this did was to get her collegues to sort it out at the gate...which they did to a certain extent...

    but as I am an airline Deputy Station Manager , and I had brought full fare tickets for all the journies made, really I could not be more serious than never to recommend UNITED to any of my friends nor travelling public....

    sad....I wrote to United but never got a reply.....

    cheers Chris


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