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Air club idea!

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  • Andrew_Smith22
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    • Jan 2000
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    Air club idea!

    Hi, I've had an idea for a new aero-club. How about opening a cafe/restuarant and building a runway just outside big enough for light aircraft to land on such as Cessna's and Pipers? I appreciate the need of a fairly open area to do this but what do you think of the idea? All you would have to do is make sure it gets into the aviation mags such as today's pilot, flyer, pilot and maybe a few other. PLEASE let me know what you think of this idea.
  • Ja Worsley
    The last sane man a live!
    • Jan 2000
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    RE: Air club idea!

    Sorry Andrew, it not a new Idea!
    We have them every where down here, the restarunt is usually called "Flyers" and is of three/ three and a half star quallity, food is pretty good and the entertainment recommendable!

    Feel free to come down and check them out some time! If you don't have them up there, then you guys are missing out! Business idea for you Andrew Good luck with it!

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